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Sociopaths only work together as long as it's benefiting them. When it's not, they'll turn on each other as a form of survival. This is what we're now witnessing.


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Which is why the pizza system is so elegant. There's an old problem: how do you get a whole bunch of highly intelligent sociopaths (for example, a large proportion of the U.S. government) to trust each other and work towards a common goal? They're sociopaths, so their natural inclination is to work together as long as it suits their needs, then betray anybody they have to if it helps them get ahead. Turns out the answer is to implicate them all in horrific crimes then to blackmail them into behaving. As long as they cooperate they are allowed to continue to indulge in whatever perversions they wish. If they don't: hey there Barry, yeah well, the thing is, we kinda have this video of you at John's party with a disemboweled baby in a pentagram, so you sure you want to go ahead and do that?


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short-term gains and long-term losses


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Please show me the last thing in your post. Source it? I am intrigued


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Just like the joker would say " these so called civilized people, they'll eat each Other ".


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Podesta's office picture really did say it all didn't it.

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At worst, this is the continued delusion from Democrats that everyone else is to blame for Hillary's loss except for Hillary. At best, a narrative is forming against JP in anticipation of upcoming events. Unfortunately nothing they can much say or do to distance themselves. They knew too much.

That's like Hillary not knowing child trafficking was a major issue in Haiti despite being heavily involved there. "We had no idea NO idea JP was involved in such things". Right.


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It's like a COPS marathon with Hilary. "I didn't DO ANYTHING" while their hand is in the cookiejar.

Hilary prodding on Twitter needs an end. I want her jailed!


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No honor amongst thieves.


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I know this isn't what you meant at all, but I'd be so happy if PG turned out to be all about tax evasion and not torturing children to death