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Didn't alefantis have an Instagram pic with the rodhschilds?


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He is friends with Jan Rothschild who attended Marina Abramovic's 70th birthday

James Alefantis Facebook Friends - search Jan Rothschild


Some Notables from James Alefantis Facebook

Justin Barrows;

Jeff Smith;

Justin Barrows is gay yet married to Vanessa Thomas and he is going to a midwife for their baby;

This would raise suspicions with this place;

Photo and Video of Annual Adoption Day Celebration by jabbaroos AKA Justin Barrows - Nov. 22 2014

The guys a bastard and shouldnt be around babies.

Are theses midwives delivering babies without registering their birth certificates?


There are spirals on the pillars at the BirthCare place;


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Its not a homebirth midwife's job to get a birth certificate for a client, that responsibility falls on the parents of the baby.
Majority of home births, however, are women who want to avoid the trauma and increased interventions and surgery that comes with a hospital birth. But it is certainly a fact that for parents who wanted to avoid getting a birth certificate for a baby, a homebirth would make that easier.


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When I get together with my friends we drink too much and talk about our exploits as young, dumb guys (we are all 40ish now).

I suspect they share a different kind of friendship...


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watafack abramovic is 70????


[–] Thrulkggls ago 

Lynn Rothschild is in an Alefantis picture with David Brock, presumably when ja was still dating him