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Thanks, OP! FABULOUS!! Just downloaded it in case it is "disappeared."

This is REALLY important information, especially for those it's new to. We can't engage an enemy if we don't know who the enemy really is. Shadow boxing gets us nowhere.

Anon..."suddenly, we have citizen journalism and it will end up saving the people in the end." (eyes well up and overflow)

. .

To all of our beloved Jewish researchers, mods, and lurkers...

If you have been unaware of this information regarding Israel and the Mossad 1. You may not believe it. 2. You may feel personally attacked by the mere suggestions/allegations. What I think we are all wise to remember is that these people are psychopaths. Psychopaths have no countries, no religions, no race, no age, no ableness, no gender orientation, no feelings, no conscience -- nothing. They are soulless.

They are not you and they are not me. They are none of us.


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Well said. The deep state of Israel is no more representative of the Jewish people than our deep state is representative of the American dream. They all want to enslave us from the top down.


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Agree. The middle east sees all americans (ie christians) as been one in the same with our govt. Lets not do the same.

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The annotated PDF is even better. I've read the entire thing dozens of times.


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Beautifully said! I'm still proud to be an American even though our leaders have been satanic pedophile warlords. I'm still proud because of the PEOPLE. My neighbors. My town. Because of people like you and all the centipedes and autists and depolorables. I'm proud to stand with you as an American to take back our nation and the world, really. America's leaders have been a disgrace and have started so many horrendous wars. But we now have this one chance to dethrone these heinous demons. Let's stay the course. We have to fight this fight to the end.


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I bookmarked the (text) interview.


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So did I but it's gone now