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Like I mentioned earlier, it's satanic network. Tag that with the Waldorf schools that Alifantis funds and all the secret socities like the 9th circle (baby sacrifices) and you get the picture. I hate to use this term but I have no other option - The World Is INFESTED with homocidal pedophilia.

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CIA network. The satanists and satanism is just useful tools to carry out CIA policy.

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Agree, CIA. But they are using Satanism/Devil created by organized patriarchal religion - i.e., male-supremacist religion created to underpin patriarchy. There was no Satan/Devil in the Old Religion which was based in Nature. No Heaven and no Hell. And especially no gods above or below.

The RCC was torturing people by ever means -- psychologically, sexually, physically -- long before the CIA came along. As a matter of fact, John Stockwell/CIA Whistleblower refers to the CIA as "Catholics in Action." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfuJ9uA916k

and http://amazingdiscoveries.org/R-Reformation_Rome_crusade_slaughter

Oddly enough they don't mention RCC Papal Edicts which guided Columbus' actions in the new world. Those Papal Edicts called for the "enslavement or murder" of Natives here and the same for Africans enslaved here.

And how much of the US/CIA's war on Muslims may be the covert work of the RCC via the CIA/US government wars on Muslim nations where US has killed 1 million Muslims.

Male supremacy is as dependent upon organized patriarchal religions as those religions are dependent upon patriarchy continuing on.

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The Satanism came before the CIA did. Old secret societies have long revolved around these themes and they are the original intelligence networks. They're still at the top of the intelligence networks. Some definitely believe in what they are doing. Some probably just use it as a tool. Downplaying it does a disservice IMO because it most certainly was always there before the CIA ever existed. I'm pretty sure most of them are true believers on some level though.

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"Tapper and wife, a secret part of the PIZZAGATE pedophile Eucharistic (blood rite) community, and the 9th Satanic Circle child sacrifice ring? I believe so." https://mindcontrolblackassassins.com/2017/02/16/from-pizza-connection-to-pizzagate-drumpf-and-mike-flynns-dark-circle-pathological-lairs-comet-ping-pong-nancy-pelosi-goat-hill-pizza-parlor-sf-oakland-the-gambino-mob/

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What's this I hear about the Waldorf schools? I have connections.

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Waldorf is basically occult wrapped up with granola. For the life of me I can't remember the name, but there's a widely used handbook for Waldorf teachers - called something stupid like "Crash course in Waldorf" (frig - I can't remember) and the author was later busted for child porn. I think some Walforf schools might be "innocent", and others not so much. I went to a Waldorf school as a very young kid - they are WAY into ritual stuff - like, to a creepy level. And it's all based on something called "Anthroposophy". Here's a good starting point: http://waldorfwatch.com/

edit: the author's name is Eugene Schwartz and for some reason I can't get any of the articles about him to load. But you'll find TONS of stuff on his Waldorf educational/training materials. He's referred to as the Waldorf rockstar. But he was busted for child porn.

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I live near a Waldorf school. I've also been tuning in everyday. What's going on there? Is it the whole network or one location?

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I always thought Waldorf was good until I started digging deeper. I'll be homeschooling someday (Lord willing), and planned to pull ideas from Waldorf and Montessori. I guess I won't be pulling much from Waldorf now.

Edit to add link: http://waldorfcritics.org/concerns.html

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I also really want to know about this. I thought children were relatively safe in waldorf schools. I really want to expand on this.

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Must see: Two months ago,a CLEARLY nervous/fearful Jake Tapper interviews Mike Pence. https://youtu.be/arr833EE-oM

Background/further info to the interview: "Jake Tapper refuses to let Mike Pence off the hook during intense questioning on Michael Flynn's son" http://www.businessinsider.com/tapper-pence-flynn-jr-pizzagate-2016-12

It had nothing to do with not letting Pence "off the hook", Tapper wouldn't let go of something he was afraid about. David Seaman had an earlier video that spoke to this this and a bit of a twitter "war" between he and Tapper.

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Thanks man, first time ever watching that Interview. Just look at the state of Tapper, looks like a man who hasn't slept for days with one he'll of a guilty conscience. He really was trying his best to drum in the conspiracy theories link. I love Mike Pence, so calm and calculated. Not one worry wrinkle on that face, clean conscience

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OMG, Tapper is so transparent. He's so worried about the dirt on him.

How the hell did he/they let that interview out?

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I'm seriously starting to believe that ALL of Washington and the people in position (celebrities, politicians, journalists, CEO, investors, authority figures, et al) are all part of the same Satanic Pedos Cult. WTF??!

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Most of them are, if they aren't, they control them with the 3 B's, "Buy them, Blackmail them or Bury them" They are pretty much all in at least one secret society like the Mason's and the Knights of Malta.

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Also, E and C. Enabling them and covering for them.

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Most of us have already come to this conclusion, the more the media fights it the more support Trump will gain in the long run.

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I am literally praying that you are right.

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Yes. On one level, it's a bunch of sick, demonic, child fucking perverts engaging in some kind of satanic rituals for power and pleasure. On another level, it's a method of control (via temptation and blackmail) which guarantees compliance from everyone involved. That's how you get into "the big club".

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They are. Welcome to the black-pill. This is the world we live in and you're awake now .

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Warning it's graphic, but please see this video about the leaked child abuse video and judge its content yourself:


At 0:37, the man very clearly starts by saying:

"I'm just a kid who is four, each day I grow some more, I am John Pode...."

At the surname, the man quickly lowers his voice, as if he realizes it might not be the smartest idea to say his name out loud

Please share, the shills are trying to bury this. This is huge evidence

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Really does sound like IM JOHN PODEAAHHHHGGHH. Fucking deranged mother fuckers.

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This is giving me cancer. Literally. I want this blown WIDE open.

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It sounds to me like he starts singing "I'm just a kid who's 4" again, slurs the words after "I'm j--" and then says "SING!"

I don't think he says John anything.

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My God I have tears every damn time I hear that. Imagine that poor child. He is one sick fuck. I would bet my life it's him. He has got to be held accountable

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This was out two months ago, but good to be reminded of it.

Yeah, Jake and his wife have some answering to do.

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Agree. I think it's easy to forget some of these small but important pieces.

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Interview with Dave Hodges and Paul Preston states that real reason Flynn was fired was that he had talked about Pedogate to Russian Ambassador about a list of Pizzagtes US politicians. When he was asked by Pence about if he knew any of the persons on the list he lied to Pence and said no but it was later determined that one of the names on the list was an acquaintance of Flynn. Here is the link. https://youtu.be/mwxRXoc6Y0o

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I think this is an important add given the how much they've been hyping him up as the new anti-liberal hero on fox... http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/07/05/AR2007070501270.html

TL;DR Tucker Carlson cited by WaPo CPP resteraunt reviewer as a fixture at Comet

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FOX is just as controlled as all the others, they just play the 'right' role.

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I know but i see so many people on these various pizzagate threads who really think he's a hero and genuinely on our side. I dont wanna see any of these f**kers picking up that kind of credibility with this community that they can exploit later on to discredit or distract from something important. Or worse if one day 15 years from now team pedo trys to run him for office

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Also it has been mentioned on here that Jake has a coloboma eye as do Soros and Maddy McCann.

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