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Putin knew something was fishy here. http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSBRE8BQ06K20121228

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Wow that's interesting AF.

No wonder why Putin came right out and said, "The builders of the New World Order have failed." and said Russia would take no part in the NWO, remaining independent. Kind of removes the tinfoil from NWO conspiracy theories for him to say that. He said a new balance of peace would be found, or the world would fall into lawlessness and chaos. Now I realize Putin was talking about exposing the rest of the world's pizzagate shit.

Not sure if I trust Russia, but holy hell, no wonder why he's friendly with Trump.

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Putin is a badass-thug-life leader with awesome wits and incredible courage. Heavy-caliber leader like that knows exactly what's going on and Trump being friendly with him is the wise thing to do. Even if he's not to be completely trusted, he sure as hell can be admired for his stamina and his intelligence. I personally like him a lot and I wouldn't hesitate to replace that faggot Trudeau with him any day if I could.

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Why won't they come out and fucking talk about it then?

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Trust Putin. He is a devoted Orthodox. He is also with US

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This is a GREAT speech and he honestly sounds like Trump..what was the date? Could not find a date...

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I remember reading about that when it happened. Crazy stuff.

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I remember the media framed it as the US should be outraged about this. Muh Russia.

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I had no idea about this.

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Oh wow.... nice find !!! If we can get more eyes on it and find more connections this'll be massive. Well done you! I''ve used all my upvoats today, sadly, so will write this comment for support instead. God speed.

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Additional Names: Margaret C Cole, Margaret Cole Hughes, Margareta Cole, Margaret Null, L Cole, Marguerite Hughes

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—Haiti Camp Haiti in Our Hearts is a Minnesota non-profit organization of families with children adopted from Haiti. The annual Haiti Camp gives families an opportunity to share their experiences as adoptive families, provide mutual support through discussions, learn about Haiti, and make new friends. Each year there are different activities as well as information on hair care, attachment disorder, dealing with racism, etc. Children learn about Haitian food, art, music and language. Contact Tim Herman at (651) 774-8564 or info@haitiinourhearts.com, or visit www.haitiinourhearts.com.

that bit of it caught my attention


Her FB likes. She is part of a group called Washington babies.

http://archive.is/NEIzA some adoption thing she apparently is connected to

http://archive.is/O8Asg ^^

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There's a buttload of digging to be done there, now that we know where to start. Their website looks incredibly dodgy given all our prior knowledge. http://www.eaci.com/ (use web.archive.org to access the site before they took it down)

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Margaret A. Cole's family is involved in her agency operations. She goes by aka Margaret Cole-Hughes, possibly Margaret Sikora, and possibly Peggy Logan. OP's main link said the family is involved, and Trisha heads the program in Guatemala. She is related to Karen Cole, Patricia Sikora, Tim Hughes, and Charlie Sikora.

American International Adoption Agency Board member European Adoption Consultants (EAC) Founder of 1992-07-10 Project Sunshine, Inc Board member 1999-01-28 European Adoption Consultants (EAC) Executive Director EuroAsian Adoption Consultants of Illinois Inc. Founder of EuroAsian Adoption Consultants of Illinois Inc. President Project Sunshine, Inc President European Adoption Consultants (EAC) Treasurer

She employed pedophiles: http://archive.is/iYFVl


In 1992, Bredyuk met Margaret Cole, owner of European Adoption Consultants in North Royalton, and began coming to the United States on short business visits. Bredyuk also agreed to locate children in orphanages for adoption by U.S. families and to host the adoptive couples in his comfortable Moscow apartment.

In the interim, he had had a falling-out with Cole, who fired him. She claimed he lied to her about adoption deals. He said he didn't. He has been unemployed since arriving in the United States, living off more than $200,000 he earned working for Cole.

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The Wordpress blog is a treasure trove of info. This article is about how the Russian adoption agreement HRC was apart of was clearly designed to knock out competition and only have a handful of adoption agencies able to bring in kids from Russia. https://russianadoptionagreement.wordpress.com/2012/02/15/eac-and-margaret-cole-big-money/ That blog also mentions JCICS as a corrupt mouthpiece for certain agencies, basically a monopoly of agencies that they are/were funneling the kids through. I would recommend someone start digging into this org and seeing what names may pop up and then doing some complex searches cross referencing those names with people from CF, Laura Silsby ect.

Kidnapping kids in other countries doesn't always have to be about actual sex trafficking. The other angle is simply the sale of those kids bc it is also BIG money. I was just reading somewhere that 30k kids were adopted out of Romania in a single year and the total cost was 1 billion dollars. That's a helluva motivation to grab some kids.

Also, www.againstchildtrafficking.org is another great resource.

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I think I found their blog?

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