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The person's voice in the "creepy comet pizza speech" reminds me of the voice in WorldCorps soundcloud upload of 'a reading'.

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okay... someone check the JA instrgram pix... see if the "ground digging" pic have some lighting thing laying up against the wall w that ping pong table. Check the "basement" pic

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Nah impossible. That be alot of screaming to alert people. Thats diffenently a bathroom shower stall with a. Tempered glass door.

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That Comet Ping Pong place is located in Clinton Only territory. Nobody would hear or report the screams.

I think OP could very well be right on this one.

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Wait a sec, remember that video of Comet Ping Pong where you can hear kids screaming?


What if this is what was going on?

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Yeah, these videos more likely takes place in a subterranean dungeon than with room dividers on ground level.

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Back when we were first looking at the kid screaming for help people were talking about how it could be coming from underground because of the way the voice sounds:


This may be known or a dead lead by now. The video is taken across the street from Comet Ping Pong. It was filmed in 2007 by some guy for unrelated insurance purposes. In the video you can hear children screaming for "Help me!" , "I am down here!".

It is barely noticeable but still distinct and not to be confused with something else. The screams could not have come from the restaurant but more likely from the underground tunnel. In a video filmed in the tunnel you could clearly hear the traffic above.

Standing on sidewalk the noise from the cars would have blocked the screams out. But he held the camera close to the ground and it picked up the sound. I can't find any other reasonable explanation for what I am hearing. This is not just some kids whining, it sounds like fear. Remember it's from 2007.

Bunch of manholes around Comet and we know there's underground passages around there:


That orb light is likely portable, but the green spotlight that blinks now and then would be more annoying to move around.

Either way they wouldn't be doing this during the day with people eating pizza in the dining area. Close up shop for the night and drag out some dividers and there you go. If bands play there they must have some kind of soundproofing so they don't annoy all the neighbors.