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I don't think you're going to have any luck pinning the pornographic site on HRC. You can't hold someone responsible for all of the content of someone they've retweeted. Plus the website is censored in the youtube video.

You might be onto something with the coordinates though. I think that's a decent lead.


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Thanks but this guy wasn't random as I originally thought, since he worked closely with HRC in the state department and the fact that he's posting a video with a link to a porno website and Hillary retweeted the bloke it could be a serious deal... this guy was the deputy assistant at the State Dept...

Here is one scenario: I think it could be a sting operation by Obama's deep state surveillance team (as we already know this is the reason Flynn was forced to resign and why the Yemen raid went up in flames b/c of the 3 islamic brothers Obama appointed to IT positions that had access to high level intel) to get blackmail on Trump or members of his cabinet.... who knows even if it's a 1% chance one of Trump's team members clicks on that link and IF it's a NSA setup to spy through their webcam while they view porno material then they could parrot this to a number of journalists who would write disparaging stories just as they did with the whole Trump dossier that was completely baseless.... I don't know I could be wrong, but that's just me thinking out loud...

And yea, the coordinates are highly peculiar considering it's all pretty random to link to Einstein's memorial, unless of course it has meaning to someone else viewing his profile.... and that memorial is small enough imo to be a dead-drop for someone to look for something rather than putting coordinates of a building that would be difficult to find something specifically hidden.


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Check out my Update 3 to the OP @Gr8b8