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not even. I would guess that he compartmentalizes all emotions and has little or no access to them. But he can put on a mask and seem social, and can get nervous, agitated, anxious, afraid, pissed, volatile. Skippy could even be another personality that takes over that side of him, inflicting terror and feeling nothing, not even remembering it clearly. And round and round he goes.


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And this probably has been mentioned, but just like the guy from the Johnny Gosche case, he probably was abused as a child and developed Skippy and other personalities long ago. I got the impression in the original video, that the sick scum was partly 'playing' the 'father', a little bit as a release of his own pent up anger. I think that's part of the cycle; they at one time questioned why they were abused, and eventually just accept the reasons they're told.


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yes, it is almost as if they replay a lot of the same scenes they experienced.