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Thanks... for the record it was Flickr, not Instagram - and the picture posted wasn't by Alefantis, it was by some other guy on Flickr... Just for info-tidyness sake :)


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I connected him (Robinson) directly to where the torture/screaming videos originated... And it's no surprise Robinson would have a connection to the website, I first came across him on Flickr when he had a secret account that he had "liked" a Comet Ping Pong pizza picturePNG>

that was the Alefantis (CPP)>Robinson>WorldCorp connection which I think may be more significant than you think.

(and I edited out Instagram, thx)


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Can you link to your explanation of the cpp -> worldcorp connection please, I initially dismissed worldcorp as it's own thing and not related to Podesta, but I want to know more.