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Which clip could have been composed of many sources? If you're referring to the source clip *, I think that's highly unlikely. It's one fluid (completely f-cked up) "exchange" between the adult and child.

*WARNING: Linked source clip in this comment is the full, GRAPHIC video - do not click.


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Voat wouldn't let me private message you. Wanted to say great job and thank you for isolating that audio. I linked to your video on /r/conspiracy and it's currently at the front page of that sub. Hopefully it gets traction and you can make the video public ASAP.

Sidenote: interesting channel, who is the female character from your avatar on YT?

Keep up the great work!


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You warned me. Thanks. I had to listen for the children. My heart breaking is nothing compared to the screams of that child.

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We can only hope!