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Great. Very good. Did you see that I put abortionburger screenshots of the chat room on It is the mod admin stating it is Podesta. Plus the kid says John twice. Another thread has a shadow of a hand that has fingers bent or cupped like Podestas Dupuytren's contractures/. The hooded picture and video. And the emails saying he has a bad personality. To me that is the main evidence.

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I don't think it was a LARP. It happened but we don't know who those people were. I followed that as much as I could find at the time. I read a guy describing the CP. the Anon said half of them were filmed in an" industrial environment ". Could it have been the silver refrigerated room? Anyway 8Ch at that time posted real CP a man penetrating a 18 month old vaginally sedated and a 3 year old giving a hand job. It got deleted but I'm glad I saw. That same thread had a pic from deconstructing daisy which I saved, but just the upside down part before anything happened. The good thing about the Podesta Torture video (aledgedly him) is that it isn't CP, just torture so we can share it. Although YT deleted some right? And I hope I don't need to qualify that I'm glad I saw it so I know it's real. And that some of the kids don't scream, they just accept. I found that quite sad actually.


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Which clip could have been composed of many sources? If you're referring to the source clip *, I think that's highly unlikely. It's one fluid (completely f-cked up) "exchange" between the adult and child.

*WARNING: Linked source clip in this comment is the full, GRAPHIC video - do not click.


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I believe just like handwriting experts can testify in court and results can be considered evidence, the same can be done with voice analysis experts. I think.


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