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Man it sure does sound like him. I'm in the twilight zone here. Thanks for doing this.

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It does sound like him 90>%

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I would bet that this video was filmed in the torture chamber in Tony's basement ( Tony on video? ) The 'complex video arrangements' were prevalent. http://washingtonlife.com/2015/06/05/inside-homes-private-viewing/

' He regularly opens his house to casual pizza parties co-hosted by his friend James Alefantis, the owner of Comet Ping Pong. Over 200 pies emerge from the outdoor pizza oven as guests wander through the house and garden while studying his art collection.'

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Ah yes, the basement where the complicated art was shown. He was brave, stupid, or careless, or all of the above to go on record talking about his stupid basement designed for viewing 'difficult' or 'complicated' art.

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pretty sure the kids are in a shower/tub with a glass sliding door and one of those weird light-ball things inside. Tony's basement is like a huge open space with a crazy projector (I think).

Still weird as fuck though.

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Re-watch "fatherhood" and pay close attention to the lighting itself...it's a bunch of red and purple/blue flashing/moving splotches with the occasional flash of green (and the green always happens in about the same area):


Now re-watch that creepy Comet Pizza speech:


Watch the light orb thing on the right...it can be set to do that same red/purple/blue flashing and there's a green spotlight flashing to the left of it. And in fatherhood the light is primarily coming from one spot down low (the light fades into black around the top of the video), just like this orb on stage.

The white light in each.mp4 could be the same light set to just white instead of color and being carried/aimed by the kid (it seems like the kid is trying to use it to see through the translucent wall at who the voice is, at the very start of each.mp4 the kid says "I can see four of you" and at the end the voice says "That's me, and me, and me" (those are the lyrics to the end of the Calliou song though so who knows, maybe the voice thought it was funny that it could have a double-meaning)

Anyone know what those walls could be? Can we find those anywhere in any pics related to Comet Pizza, like in construction photos or in the background of videos or anything? They sound like plastic when he hits them (I don't think glass would have that "rattle" sound they make when he hits them), but I can't find any room dividers or shower walls etc with a texture and that bar across the middle in a quick google image search...

Something like this is what I was thinking they might be:


There are portable room dividers, these could be something they bring out in that room where they have bands play and use it to section the kids off when they do whatever the fuck they're doing in this video to them...also that broom he's using to bang on them would be something you'd find around that band area for clean-up etc


Got a thread for discussing this going over here:


Remember the 2007 video of the girl screaming "Help me!" coming out of Comet? Maybe this is what was going on?

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Really good insight. I watched the two videos at the same time. Why does Majestic Ape light show look so much like the one in the torture clip? Struck me as more than a coincidence. The doors are taller than shower doors, and they're translucent as you say (and not glass,doubt it). And multi-paneled.

This is good that we have this ghoulish clip, as seeing is believing (whomever it is) ... but it sure sounds like John P.

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Can anyone get a voice sample of gary lee munroe barney who owns world corp enterprise, head of ULC & matches a video of a guy drinking urine on the World Corp website.


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A doctor back in the early '70s used voice-print analysis to try and dispel the Paul is Dead rumor. Imagine what can be done now. Though some guy commented on here recently, who has a background in this kind of thing, says you need 'enough' to work with. The McCartney doctor obviously had plenty to work with (or he wouldn't have tackled it).

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May I just say everyone keeps self doubting their own instincts. Knowing all of the "coincidences", for example the code words, the Madeline McCann efit, let's talk aboutthis audio. what does your gut tell you? That instinct is useful during an investigation. Any private investigator will tell you the majority of time you suspect your spouse is cheating guess what? She or he are. I personally am convinced finally it's him, enough so that I would find him guilty if I was serving on a jury. There is just to much circumstantial evidence it can't be explained. Of course we have never heard podestas side of it.....seems like he is pleading the fifth? My gut tells me podesta hands are dirty, his canabilism, his involvement with known sexual predators: Hastert, wiener, clintons, Epstein, the disappearance of Madeline McCann. He needs to provide alibis or it's more than suspicious its incriminating. The code words, the dates of his meetings at cpp coincide with a member site on cpp. The art work, and I know I am leaving out pertinent information. How many coincidences upon coincidences will convince you? This audio is the nail in the coffin. The ball is in podestas court at this point. His silence speaks volumes! Is he planning on pleading the fifth? Eliminating witnesses. The fake news label does not address these questions. It does not offer an answer to all of these questions. If he does not come out and provide some alibis and cooperate with the authorities then let the chips fall where they may. Deleting emails obviously did not eliminate the trail. Let me call it like it is, he is avoiding responding to these questions. Why? You tell me, A simple alibi would put all this drama to rest. There is no alibi, call a spade a spade. I won't second guess it anymore. It's on him now. He cannot provide an alibi. They know where he was. He knows they know . He is relying on his connections as if he is above the law! He owes the American public an explanation. His hands are dirty. Call the grand jury.....it's enough at least for an official investigation. To quote the late Andrew breitbart: what's in your closet podesta?!? Either Plead the fifth or stand guilty in the court of public opinion! I won't doubt my self ever again, this goes deeper than him. I dread to know what is in his closet but I pray that everything in darkness comes to light! Amen. For the sake of those children.

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you had me at Madeline McCann efit! lol I kind of forgot about that. And I mean wtf? A shady op or not, his FACE is connected in a criminal drawing to that incident, Brietbart tweeted about him too by NAME.

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This I am ranting I know but the connections and his total silence when all of this could so simply be put to rest with answers there are no answers just fake news labels, no more! Time for a grand jury I am ready to openly demand this! Time for search warrants and Miranda rights, something smells really bad and it is not just him right? It is his brother! And alefantis and wiener and hasert! The epsteins and the clintons and what about the hotdog stand in Hawaii? Those poor kids in the rachel chandler photos. Those poor children on Tony podestas wall! When is this beyond a reasonable doubt? What will It take ? His silence is loud and clear: PODESTA: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. now I know why he is silent he expects arrest warrants any day? Podesta we have your emails!!! Ok enough I am just on fire. Apologies.

By the way your posts and your investigations are great I wish I knew how to investigate like that! I am a tech dunce but I pray for these kids every day! Good job! And thank you for fighting for these kids!

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I agree with you. The circumstantial evidence is considerable. But although it may convince you and me, it doesn't actually prove anything. Normies aren't going to sit down for a couple hours and sift through the mountains of coincidences, codewords, and creepy remarks. They want a smoking gun. We have to hunker down, fight the good fight, and deliver that to them.

I'm not saying circumstantial evidence is useless. It gives us encouragement and shows us that we're on the right track, but the ball won't start rolling until we get some hard evidence.

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The E fit is hard evidence. The audio is hard evidence. Without the demand for an investigation, without the power of a search warrant, substantial, corroborating evidence will not come to light.

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best comment I've read on voat so far.

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Why thank you! The audio did it for me, I will never doubt logic, common sense and just basic sense of right and wrong again!

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It is not a stretch of the imagination or instincts even to look at the image of Podesta from the Wikileaks emails holding up his hands and reading what he said. I think the number was 15 on one hand dead little christian fishes is how the other hand read. I do not know if the fish has a gender. It felt like little boys but maybe he said something about boys in the email. How happy he was/is. He is not afraid. He is in the thrall of his talmud for whatever perverted teaching that directs to kill goyim. I kind of can't get past that. Really can't get over it.

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If it's the picture that I'm aware of, look up Osiris and 14 Fish. Osiris' body was cut in to 14 pieces in an attempt to get rid of him for ever. 13 pieces were scattered throughout the world (eventually recovered and reassembled) but the 14th piece (his penis) was swallowed by a fish and lost forever. The obelisk (once the other pieces were reassembled and throughout history) was raised as symbolic falice for Osiris so that he could be whole again. Washington Monument is an obelisk as well. Look up the story for better detail.

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He's a Catholic, not a Kabbalist (sp).

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We are getting closer people!

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Great. Very good. Did you see that I put abortionburger screenshots of the chat room on 8Ch.net? It is the mod admin stating it is Podesta. Plus the kid says John twice. Another thread has a shadow of a hand that has fingers bent or cupped like Podestas Dupuytren's contractures/. The hooded picture and video. And the emails saying he has a bad personality. To me that is the main evidence.

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I don't think it was a LARP. It happened but we don't know who those people were. I followed that as much as I could find at the time. I read a guy describing the CP. the Anon said half of them were filmed in an" industrial environment ". Could it have been the silver refrigerated room? Anyway 8Ch at that time posted real CP a man penetrating a 18 month old vaginally sedated and a 3 year old giving a hand job. It got deleted but I'm glad I saw. That same thread had a pic from deconstructing daisy which I saved, but just the upside down part before anything happened. The good thing about the Podesta Torture video (aledgedly him) is that it isn't CP, just torture so we can share it. Although YT deleted some right? And I hope I don't need to qualify that I'm glad I saw it so I know it's real. And that some of the kids don't scream, they just accept. I found that quite sad actually.

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Which clip could have been composed of many sources? If you're referring to the source clip *, I think that's highly unlikely. It's one fluid (completely f-cked up) "exchange" between the adult and child.

*WARNING: Linked source clip in this comment is the full, GRAPHIC video - do not click.

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I believe just like handwriting experts can testify in court and results can be considered evidence, the same can be done with voice analysis experts. I think.

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I am impressed with the voice work. thank you for what you have done.

EVEN MORE impressd with the seeming link between a Comet Ping Pong picture of boys liked by convicted pedo Robinson and the WorldCorp website. You are really a detective.

My new theory: The videos have been leaked at Alefantis' instigation through a friend running the shady WorldCorp shock/music/gore art/pedo/snuff website and shilled relentlessly by team Brock IN ORDER TO PUT THE HEAT ON PODESTA and also take the spotlight off Alefantis. If these are really Podesta, you know he is hearing about it and think of the heeby jeebies it gives him. His nerves are already on edge probably but this stuff floating around? it would drive even the innocent nuts, imagine the guilty and fearful of loss of freedom and status - nuts. It is intimidation and a warning, "we've got the goods on you, don't step out of line, bolt or do anything stupid." It also might make them feel "in control" and like they are "running" the pizzagate narrative.

Your Robinson link OP lends credence to this more refined theory.

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Do you think John Podesta might be feeling just a fraction of the terror that child felt?

[–] VieBleu 0 points 8 points (+8|-0) ago 

not even. I would guess that he compartmentalizes all emotions and has little or no access to them. But he can put on a mask and seem social, and can get nervous, agitated, anxious, afraid, pissed, volatile. Skippy could even be another personality that takes over that side of him, inflicting terror and feeling nothing, not even remembering it clearly. And round and round he goes.

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Not a bit.

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your theory makes sense.

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Good theory.

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Thanks... for the record it was Flickr, not Instagram - and the picture posted wasn't by Alefantis, it was by some other guy on Flickr... Just for info-tidyness sake :)

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I connected him (Robinson) directly to worldcorpo.net where the torture/screaming videos originated... And it's no surprise Robinson would have a connection to the website, I first came across him on Flickr when he had a secret account that he had "liked" a Comet Ping Pong pizza picturePNG>

that was the Alefantis (CPP)>Robinson>WorldCorp connection which I think may be more significant than you think.

(and I edited out Instagram, thx)

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After having Pedosta tell me to just get lost like 20 times...I need a smoke. The last one is like a psycho oy vey

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upvoat for gallows humor

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It's been one month since this comment was written and even today I often think about it and it makes me laugh.

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His voice cracks the same way

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yup the voice cracking is what gets me too. I played both clips for someone who is not involved in any way with the Pizzagate thing and asked their opinion. They said they think it was the same person too

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Thank you! This is the first time I listened because I couldn't handle hearing the child scream. It's past my limit. In my opinion, that sounds just like that sick pervert. I hope that kid is alive 😕 I don't know all of the details. How did someone come across this audio? Edit: I guess it was a video instead of audio. But who found it and where?

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You're welcome! And I'm curious to know what sky this fell out of as well....

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I found it on Reddit a week ago and thought it sounded like Podesta, so I uploaded it to the Pizzagate Exposed group to see if anyone else agreed. After it went viral the post was deleted, I was banned from the group (i checked with admins and it wasnt them) and couldnt see the group at all for a couple of days. My twitter was also shut down and my messages and friend requests on facebook are not coming through.

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This was published by Worldcorp. It's either a group of pedos or a group of anons working to expose pedos and trolling them in the meantime.


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Good link. God help us all.

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Makes me sick and I agree that it's either pedos or group working to expose them

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My gosh, these people are evil

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