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I've known all along that FakeNews!™ was created for pizzagate. But, thank you for the visual evidence.

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Is this why Chris Cuomo was so sensitive about Fake News today? He said saying Fake News is equivalent to the N-word (referring to journalists). The media continues with their spin. I think they know they are all hanging on by a fingernail. They are throwing anything they hope will stick at this point! Google is involved with all of this, too, hence the chart aligning.

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What's really hilarious is that it was the MSM who invented the "Fake News" narrative. They only stopped using it because it blew up in their faces when everyone started calling them the fake news.

So, it was OK for CNN to call others fake news, but now that's it's happening to them, it's the "n-word of journalists". This is typical nonsensical leftist logic. And of course they have to bring race into it, as if journalists are a race. What a bunch of morons.

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He said saying Fake News is equivalent to the N-word

Lol, what the hell? Pure delusion.

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Same. It was obviously evident.

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Google, Twitter, FB, Reddit, Washpo, Huffpo, NYT, Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS and others need to stand accountable for their actions in this if it breaks.

We know what they're doing

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My husband had a hard time getting to where he eve entertained the idea of a coverup like this until I showed him Google a Google search of specific words related to anything Trump and he saw how all the results mimmicked each other story after story. Then I did the same on several other topics with that he was familiar with. Same results. And not the "truth" he expected to see based on what he knew to be true. Finally to Pizzagate. Then it clicked. Yes, there are deliberate coverups at high levels.

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This is really interesting. Can you go into a bit more detail in terms of the examples that you used?

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Controversial and current topics for instance -- planned parenthood or woman's march. There are clearly 2 deeply divided views on those from recent news. Results are overwhelmingly on one side of those issues. The headlines share the same "buzzwords" consistently. Even though the stories are written by different writers. Any topic on Trump or Ivanka is the same. He's lukewarm when it comes to Trump but he expected the searches to reflect the 50/50 divide in opinions. Not even close. And he isn't the biggest Trump supporter but was surprised that even the tweets that Google shows didn't list any from of the biggest supporters.

Comet Ping Pong was the one search I used for Pizza Gate. It varied according to what period of time you searched, but in the days that this broke every single headline included the words "fake news". Search again on comet after the gunman was arrested, just for Comet Ping Ping they mixed the fake news headline with the gunman. Literally zero results on at least the first 5 pages or more returned articles from eventhe "fringe" news sites like Breitbart, etc. or moderately alternative pages. I can tell in the last few days though the searched on pizzagate & Comet are showing more mixed results so something has been adjusted only very recently.

Just a sample. It depends a lot on timing and in particular the current news of the day. With such a distinct divide in opinions in today's climate, it's easy to see how it's blatantly one sided when various topics are trending.

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Way to go, that's exactly how you wake people up!

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Yep. This was obvious to those researching from the beginning. I hated it then but it gets amusing every time the Trump administration uses the term against the MMS lies. Makes me laugh a bit.

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They started pushing it around the same time that there were rumors that WikiLeaks was about to devastate HRC and Chris Cuomo was warning people not to read WikiLeaks. PizzaGate just happened to be revealed during that period.

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Without a doubt, fake news was a campaign aimed to discredit Pizzagate. I remember watching the bots come alive on twitter saying the same thing with the same linked stories stating that Pizzagate was fake news.

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Yes, and that literally was the week that I started checking out what FB kept shoving out there about fake news...and realized without a doubt what was going on. Facebook was done for me. I've spent the 2+ months since then researching all the stuff I've been lied to about for years. It's been the most mind opening experience I could have.

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Welcome to the club! It's hard to take it all in at first because everything basically has been a lie, but your life will never be the same!

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One of the most devastating examples of fake news perpetuated by the MSM is the Syria lie..

Veteran, HI Sen. Tulsi Gabbard: https://youtu.be/NRVcLS-EHJU

A prestiged local: http://www.ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2017/february/04/the-media-coverage-on-syria-is-the-biggest-media-lie-of-our-time-interview-with-flemish-priest-in-syria/

We're supporting Al'Queda and ISIS to take out a Russia-backed country, so Al'Queda and ISIS can control the territory. Clinton would have risked nuclear war with a no-fly against Russia The executives of the MSM should all be placed in Gitmo.

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SoreAss behind it all.

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Either that or the mainstream media walked in front of a mirror.

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hahahaha yes that is another possibility ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

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Pedogate is real and this shit's been going on for generations. The fake news is churned out for every news organization to report. All of them. Even local news stations are told what to report on and how to say it. They all report the same story only worded slightly different. That's no coincidence that all the local channels stories are the same. Getting back to the MSM they are paid very well to dummy up. They know things but are told what to say and they better not step outta line. They know about pedogate, just can't reveal it. They just do what they're told. They can only go so far.

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