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Edit: Richard Branson's mother, Eve Branson is on the board of directors for international center for missing and exploited children. ICMEC is a offshoot of the NCMEC. Her wiki page states:

Throughout her life, Branson has been a child welfare advocate. She established the Eve Branson Foundation and currently serves as director. This charitable organisation provides communities in Morocco with income-generating projects and training.[5]

Branson is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children ("ICMEC"), the goal of which is to help find missing children, and to stop the exploitation of children.[9][10] She was a founding member of ICMEC's Board of Directors in 1999, seeking to generate awareness of the Centre's work, and her son Richard was ICMEC's founding sponsor.[10][11]

WWHHATT! Richard Branson founding sponsor of ICMEC???

I think Sir Richard Branson needs a closer looking at. High school dropout turned billionaire.

About AGE 66 SOURCE OF WEALTH Virgin, Self Made RESIDENCE Necker Island, British Virgin Islands CITIZENSHIP United Kingdom MARITAL STATUS Married CHILDREN 2 EDUCATION Drop Out, High School

One of Britain's highest-profile billionaires, Richard Branson owes his fortune to a conglomerate of businesses bearing the Virgin brand, many of which he no longer controls. Among his more famous exits: the sale of Virgin Records for $1 billion in 1992, which reportedly made Branson run down London's Ladbroke Grove crying. He still has dozens of business ventures, though, including financial services firm Virgin Money and Virgin airlines based in the U. K., America and Australia.

One of his best-known projects -- private spaceflight company Virgin Galactic -- faced a setback in October 2014 when one of its spaceships exploded in mid-air, killing a test pilot and injuring another. Still, Branson continues to develop rocket-powered planes with the goal of transporting tourists to space. In 2015 he and private equity firm CVC Capital Partners sold around 80% of the Virgin Active health club chain to South African tycoon Christo Wiese's company, Brait SA. Branson also announced Virgin Cruises, which is which is set to launch in 2020. He lives on Necker Island, the British Virgin Islands retreat he bought in 1978 for $180,000.


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His island is rather hedonistic in its own right, and the company name... Virgin