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I know nothing about what you all are doing with this dump. I have followed and lurked and believed since I read the handkerchief email. I have observed the censorship from reddit, youtube, facebook and twitter. I was red-pilled many years ago and have never seen more deception and bias in the MSM as I witness today. You, all, are the unsung heroes. When this breaks, our history is rewritten and our countries future is saved. If I knew how to upvoat, this thread and those who investigate for our children, would get a million from me! Thank you!

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@l4l1lul3l0 Did I ever tell you you're my favourite Mod? Much respect :)

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I do data analysis and am (sometimes) technically inclined. I do not really know much about security and what my limits are. Is there a resource for getting into this more nitty, gritty research? Thanks!

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Krampus = Shane Worth https://plus.google.com/113107474862622650186/posts/5FG9ErMrasa One of his fav places to eat on his 4square is CPP https://foursquare.com/tatzanx @l4l1lul310 better for ya?

PS if you check is google+ you will see that he is part of the resistance bullshit

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Yep, way way better.

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I cant be perfect all the time ;oP

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From Shane Worth Facebook:

Education New Dominion New Dominion High School Places He's Lived Current City Washington, District of Columbia Home Town Washington, District of Columbia About Shane I'm dead www.myspace.com/tatzanx https://plus.google.com/113107474862622650186 http://pinterest.com/tatzanx/ https://twitter.com/tatzanx

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I think you people are absolutely amazing. Wish I could give you a hug.

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(3,'Western Union','Dear Customer,\n\nPlease proceeds to make your Western Union transfer to the following account:\n\nName: Grzegorz Kowalski\nIBAN: PL92109000754216361071382852\nBIC/ SWIFT: WBKPPLPP\n&#321ososiowa 7, Szczecin.\nPoland\n\nRemember confirm your deposit with ID of the transfer.','wu.gif',0),

Here we have a real name and western union transaction details. Namely Grzergorz Kowalski Ososiowa 7, Szczecin, Poland, if you have access to WU you can try searching the #s, probably a dead end without a warrant or high level access

Ososiowa alt speling "łososiowa"


Google map of area

Business at location, can anyone find a link between the doctor their and grzegorz? Probably a dead end/google misattribution. I don't know how polish addressing works. Halp here


list of all publicly searchable profiles on facebook with this name

Top result for google search "Grzergorz Kowalski Ososiowa 7, Szczecin" without quotes




I don't have fake facebook or linkedin to trawl these profiles further, halp

Turns out there's a port in szczecin, and there's a gzregorz kowalski who works for their navy stationed there. Maybe it's a case of mistaken identity, couldn't find a picture. Warrants would clear this up real quick.

Maybe one of you can help identify him in these pictures from the navy ports gallery

http://web.archive.org/web/20170208094605/http://kpws.wp.mil.pl/pl/4.html I have saved the whole gallery





Please submit to FBI/europol on my behalf

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Nice, living up to the username! :D

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Always follow the money

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I may have found another:

jjoj123 on Instagram.

Some creepy posts there like this one.

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On mobile will add to OP once on desktop. Good job!

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Omg! Comet Pizza again!

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Besides the Instagram picture of the little girl taped up on the wall which is, I believe, an attempt by this Muslim subject to mock Jesus Christ's crucifixion, nothing seems out of the ordinary. He seems to be the kind of man that would keep his pedophile tendencies private.

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Freedom Host II Usernames E to Q http://pastebin.com/rQxbjd1q

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From https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1617245 and https://ghostbin.com/paste/twnzu plain text INSERT INTO support VALUES (1,'SaherSaher','Do you provide your services in Palestine?','2015-05-04',1,0),(2,'SaherSaher','Yes, indeed.','2015-05-04',1,1),(3,'SaherSaher','I think I need some 450 USD to get the needed amount get your services, I never tried it with a woman before, it is better to be annonymous, hopefully it wont take so much, I need some time to save the amount!','2015-05-04',1,0),(4,'habibi123','Hello, I am a resident of UAE and am looking to buy a woman. I would like to know if you provide sucha service. If so, please provide more information.','2015-05-08',1,0),(5,'habibi123','Yes, we sell people. To reach an agreement continues to proceed as follows:\r\n-Tell us what age range prefer\r\n-After Know that, we will send a list of people in sales that meet your preferences.\r\n-Then what we do know is what you prefer\r\n-To Make the payment you buy a bag HungerCoins corresponding to the product price.\r\n-The HC will be automatically deducted from your account.\r\n-The Product delivery agreed by the same means.','2015-05-08',1,1),(6,'SaherSaher','You are welcome.','2015-05-08',1,1),(7,'Sabos1','Hello i am new here. Im VERY intrested in your service. i have a few questions.\r\n\r\nAre your customers allowed to be underage?\r\n\r\nDo you have any services in Australia?','2015-05-18',1,0),(8,'Sabos1','1. Yes, no problem.\r\n2. Yes, obviously.\r\n\r\nBuy hungercoins and then ordering.\r\nGreetings.','2015-05-19',1,1),(9,'charley1113','do you serve the Memphis or Nashville, tn. usa area?','2015-05-22',1,0),(10,'charley1113','Yes of course.\r\nBuy hungercoins and then ordering.\r\n\r\nRegards','2015-05-23',1,1),(11,'addictsl','is your product available in france (paris)?','2015-06-26',1,0),(12,'slayer007','Hi, what have you got in the nottingham, Leicester and Oxford, reading and southampton areas of UK? I work in these areas Monday to Friday. ','2015-06-29',1,0),(13,'MrKinkyUK','Sorry was testing so need to clear coins. Need to find safest way to send without being seen western union is not so safe.\r\n\r\nWhat age girls do you have in london?','2015-06-29',1,0),(14,'mrkinkyuk','Please also can you tell me special services','2015-06-29',1,0),(15,'PaulUK','Hello what are the ages available in the London UK area do you have many mothers who go with their daughters too?\r\n\r\nAlso what services are available?','2015-06-30',1,0),(16,'demeisen','I am interested in your offerings however i do not understand the ages','2015-06-30',1,0),(17,'PaulUK','I am concerned that you do not answer quickly how can I be sure you are legitimate If I pay money?','2015-07-01',1,0),(18,'demeisen','I need to know if u can service my city and if you can send a lady with my criteria','2015-07-02',1,0),(19,'Aldous','Hello! Im excited to be here and i\'d love to set up an appointment, however Id like to know which girls are available and for me to meet in new york city before i pay 300$. is this possible?','2015-07-03',1,0),(20,'daddyforall','If i make an order, how do i get the product?','2015-07-05',1,0),(21,'daddyforall','Just checked the \"about us\" section. I have some doubts because of the security cameras in Motels. They will have me on tape then...','2015-07-05',1,0),(22,'ilovethemyoung','Hi.I\'d like to order a product of category 3 of your catalog, which is lightly drugged for the time of intercourse. Should not be very active. Possible? What about coverage in germany?Thank you','2015-07-05',1,0),(23,'slayer007','Do you have pre teens in the nottingham, Leicester and Oxford, reading and southampton areas of UK? I work in these areas and would like some fun.','2015-07-05',1,0),(24,'humlee','hi,\r\ndo you have services in germany/lower saxony? If yes, could you tell me which city(s)?\r\n\r\nmy torbox address for reply:\r\nhumle@torbox3uiot6wchz.onion ','2015-07-06',1,0),(25,'SoleManSole','How do I know that you have, what I want, in Denmark?','2015-07-07',1,0),(26,'ilovethemyoung','Well if you dont answer, i cannot make an order...','2015-07-08',1,0),(27,'SoleManSole','Read the page. After you buy the HCs we send all details.\r\n\r\nRegards.','2015-07-08',1,1),(28,'humlee','Yes, we do. Tell us your city or other city where you want to go when you make the reservation and we will give you the service. \r\n\r\nRegards','2015-07-08',1,1),(29,'ilovethemyoung','Yes, it\'s possible. We have coverage in Germany. When you make an order tell us the city and we will give you the product without problems.\r\n\r\nRegards','2015-07-08',1,1),(30,'daddyforall','If you are not sure in a motel, we can give you the product in a place that you want, for instance your appartment, house or other place what you prefer. You must only tell us.\r\n\r\nRegards','2015-07-08',1,1),(31,'Aldous','Make a order and then we give you all the information about your girl even her photos. Your money is sure in the wallet of HungerCoins.\r\n\r\nRegards.','2015-07-08',1,1),(32,'demeisen','In ordering you can see QR codes what clair up you the ages.\r\nMake an order then we will give you all the information about your girl even her photos.\r\n\r\nRegards','2015-07-08',1,1),(33,'PaulUK','1. All ages.\r\n2. Yes, we have services with mother and daugther.\r\n3. We have some problem with the page, we hope you understand.\r\n\r\nRegards','2015-07-08',1,1),(34,'MrKinkyUK','No problem.\r\nAll ages.\r\nMake an order corresponding number of people for instance: if you want one mother and one daugther, you pay in the system for two persons (specifying the ages), we will make you a discount once made the order.\r\nOther special services are buying and selling staff, and other styles as sado, etc.\r\n\r\nRegards','2015-07-08',1,1),(35,'slayer007','Yes, we do. Make an order and we will give you fun.\r\n\r\nRegards','2015-07-08',1,1),(36,'addictsl','Yes, it is.\r\n\r\nRegards.','2015-07-08',1,1),(37,'Saturniv','Hello, do you have girls available from 10 to 13 years old in sheffield, UK?','2015-07-08',1,0),(38,'username','I am interested to buy naked photos and videos of girls ages 8-11. Can you give me contact for a producer?','2015-07-08',1,0),(39,'username','No, sorry. We only offer sexual services not cp.\r\n\r\nRegards','2015-07-09',1,1

And on it goes... You can select all and paste the whole text [if you want to read it all] from https://ghostbin.com/paste/twnzu

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nick Briscoe (@nickster68) — 34 answers, 31 likes | ASKfm Ask.fm › fm › nickster68 Get in touch with nick Briscoe (@ nickster68) — 34 answers, 31 likes. Ask anything you want to learn about nick ...

https://quizlet.com/90944377/dmi-212-important-terms-flash-cards/ http://nickster68.tripod.com/id25.html

Loved the Sirata - will be back!! - Review of Sirata Beach Resort, St ... TripAdvisor.co.za › za Aug 6, 2010 - Ask Nickster68 about Sirata Beach Resort. This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor

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Krampus = Shane Worth, DC

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Nice, try to get a link though!

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