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STFU that is the biggest fucking bullshit MK ultra. GO FUCKING home draco reptilian scum. CIA, fbi and Darpa tries to fuckin pull the dumbest pysops on us. all the fucking players are right in front of us. POliticians could use more heat fucking bring it. Sunnydaylemons is MKultra, FBI, CIA reptilian shill don't believe this bullsheeeit. Ben Swann has ZERO INTEL just the fucking facts he should be spreading and putting the heat on these fuckers. THERE is absolutely no fucking reason for him to go missing and not appear on air for days, further proving this is another MKultra led pysop where his life have been threatened. The only people getting heat are the only two guys speaking out. Everyone else has STFU. WHY? because nothing is gonna happen and David Seaman knows and that's why he's giving them hell because he's spreading awareness and that is more dangerous than anything because an army of dudes marching on pedoWHiteHouse is a lot more threatening than a fake AG and possible administration that ran on a promise to bag half of the politicians, something that has never been done before. FUCK OFF CIA FBI y'all are alien shills.


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im not an alien or shill


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then don't say stupid shit.