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FBI recently released vault 6 on Clinton investigation. They said it was the FINAL vault. Assange is telling them he knows they're withholding info from the ppl & threatening to release more info if they don't come clean, in my opinion.

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But fbi and wikileaks never called it "vault 6". Its called fbi vault but thats it. So not sure how strong that theory is imo

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it's released from their vault. He could also be referring to a vault in Antarctica, but I think he's threatening to reveal something in Antarctica unless they come clean on Clinton investigation.

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Right, see my comment above, where I discuss the two competing theories.

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Isn't that what the original poster said? 🤔

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what am amazing time to be alive, if you're paying attention, we can keep on guessing, but my guess is we are all going to blown away, it could be about 9/11, antartica, them steeling gold out of vault, aliens, our all the above, whatever it is it's going to change our world permanently.

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O yes indeed. I am ready for it. Anything is possible, anything is believable. We have been kept in the dark for so long, we will accept whatever light shines upon.

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Yup and I can't help but just smoke and try to breathe while taking it all in~

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I think it's pressure being applied to the justice department saying that if they don't go ahead with arrests based on vault 7... which would mean most likely pizzagate related or Clinton foundation related arrests. Then they are threatening that Wikileaks will drop a huge truth bomb on 9/11. It's a threat? To move forward with the arrests in DC or they release insider info into 9/11?

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Don't forget the When is vault 7 image, it's an engine for F22. F22 has got to be February Second! I don't want to wait till 9,11.

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No I the the data is about 9/11 but I buy into the feb 22nd theory.

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Take a look at the Twitter posts by @AnonScan from Scandinavia today. Lots and lots of clues, and he is apparently working with Assange. Looks to me like the info being held has something to do with a planned inside attack similar to 9/11...just my thoughts, but very worth taking a look as it may well involve disclosure of PizzaGate/child trafficking. HTTPS://twitter.com/anonscan?lang=en btw, he states the date as 2/19, which is the date Assange is supposed to be freed/pardoned.

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Which @AnonScan tweet were you talking about here? I mean, which ones states the date as 2/19?

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It was posted right after the Wikileaks retweet regarding Ecuadorian Presidential candidate's first act after Feb 19: terminate Assange asylum... It was 5 days ago after the Wikileaks tweet "When is #Vault 7?", and the tweet by @anonscan said something like "since we know 2/19..." However, I can't locate it now, so it may have been deleted.

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Very interesting analysis. I doubt it'll happen exactly the way you've described, as that's rare, but I really hope you're onto something and I'm very keen for whatever this Vault7 stuff is to be released. Never stop asking questions. Upvote from me

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One way or another, justice will happen.

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Perhaps it is referring to the information that Norway seized on the server of the pedophile ring which was busted in November 2016. There are 70,000 names of pedos worldwide...Maybe WL has the names? http://www.nbcnews.com/id/42108748/ns/us_news-crime_and_courts/t/massive-online-pedophile-ring-busted-cops/#.WJk9cDdEzww

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