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So here is a breakdown of a few "new" tidbits from Hagmann:

  1. There have been intense fights, both verbal and (apparently) physical between the NYPD and FBI regarding if, how, and when to pursue the leads they got from Weiner's "laptop." Comey was caught in the middle of this and this is why he did what he did during the campaign. Trump know about this and this is why he kept Comey on. But now Preet Bharara (US Atty, NY Southern District) feels like now that Trump is in he feels free to move forward with indictments.
  2. They not only seized a laptop, but other devices, including a desktop, thumb drives, and a modem, which had incriminating info on them.
  3. Good moral people in the Department have made backups of all the info to guard against power player shenanigans.
  4. At least 30 agencies throughout the country are involved in investigations.
  5. The operating players and principles have a lot of overlap with the anti-Trump, push for Sharia invasions, Black Lives Matter, and the like. So it is all part of the larger globalist agenda.

Other than that, not much new in the area of actual crimes or greater details. But the fact that Hagmann is clear about the reality of investigations moving forward with the intention to bring actual prosecutions is pretty major. You kind of need to listen to Hagmann's interspersed comments to get his best info since Alex tends to talk over him in his alpha tone.

But even then, Alex sounds like he really wants to "own" this story, which is kind of huge in itself (perhaps he sees it as his way to become as big as Drudge who made his name by covering the Lewinsky scandal??? Just thinking out loud here). But sure Alex, you can have it, even though the reality is this one is "owned" by We the People and the good citizen investigators who have been daily visiting and contributing to, e.g., this Voat forum. And, yeah, I love you brother Alex, but if you want to own this story, at least get your FACTS straight! Because right now you are scrambled all over the place on that front. With that said, move forward with our blessings a prayers!


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How can a modem have incriminating info on it?


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Modems these days are basically full-fledged computers. Relevant email addresses, IP addresses, phone numbers, etc, quite possibly might still be in the recieve/transmit buffers, memory caches, or internal system logs.


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I read somewhere back in November that the modem in their house had stored IP addresses from Saudi Arabia which would be valuable in tracing Huma Abedin's communications. I think she's ultimately going to be tried for treason as a spy.


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After 5 hours of investigation over the past 3 months, on top of 16 years of research I came away with this conclusion - here is what is going to happened and why. As Doug has pointed out, pedophilia, snuff, Organ Harvesting, Stem Cell Research & CP operates on an industrial scale. Roughly 1.2 million children go missing on a yearly basis. Major suppliers of the trade are in fact Black Op CIA and other Alphabet agencies that camoflage themselves behind varius fronts (pizza shops is one of them). These Black Ops work behalf of the real power players behind the shadows who may or may not be into all of the above - they are definately into their maniacal search for the elixir of youth so Organ harvesting and tissue harvesting is big on the agenda. Regarding the recent scandal - according to former CIA operative Robert Steele, it was the first time ever when pedophile network was compromised through leaked emails. In light of what I know, I believe that arrests will happen, when exactly is unclear but the reason why it will happen is thus: - The powers that be (the global elite and their Black Ops) are enraged of the slopiness exercised by the likes of Podestas and Alifantis. We have to realize that in a larger picture Podestas are the small players despite what alt media has built them up to be and as such they are expendable! These 'small bit' players wil be made example of, as a warning to others who are involved in the same business of horrors (to them it's normal). The Big Bosses are afraid that citizen journalists will be goaded to further probe the rabbit hole and uncover something that would jeapordise the whole 'Global Currency' as Doug called it on Alex Jones show. So, they will give citizen journalists what they want - another Nuremberg Trial with the familiar names that are actually several tiers down the Pyramid of corruption. But they will give us what we want, fooling us into thinking that the good has won and pedophilia has been wiped off the earth. Trump will be hailed as Captain America, 2020 re-election guaranteed. He will be deified by the public and may I dare say - the World. From them on, Donald will become immune to anything he does or says, even if it means advancing the NWO agenda. Pizza-pedogate investigation will finally come to an end (to the great relief of the powe players) and everything will go back to the way it was. Citizen journalists will celebrate our victory and go back to our daily chores, knowing that we brought justice and made world a safe place - FAR FROM IT! The power players will recruit new agents, prop up new foundations, new initiatives 'for children' with BRAND NEW PEDOPHILE CODES, with explicit instructions on how to operate in secrecy and why it is a bad idea to mock public by displaying pedophile art at a pizza parlor for everyone to see or why not to put instagram creepy photos of children on public domain. And the business as usual.


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I had the same horrific insight a couple days ago just driving down the road. Damn near exactly as you laid it out. The Hillary loss was her punishment for being careless and she will suffer the podesta fate. Bill will skate by turning on her and little satanic chealse has proof in the leaked emails that she is a little angel who was concerned. All planned as escape routes if Hillary failed again. Trump is already in business all over the world, he dosnt need to sell anything he can reap all the rewards himself. I don't think this is what he is about, but it certainly has some validity and in this fucked up of a world why not.


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Alex is a gatekeeper, so this talking about him as if he is legit is off putting. However, gatekeepers reveal a lot of truth. It seems he is with Stratfor, so if they are ok with him covering the story now because they have a feud with the CIA or some others involved, then Alex would be ok to proceed. But Stratfor is a joke of an inteligence agency, so these things are hard to read. Either way, I hope this is all true. But I won't believe anything will happen until I actually see it. Seems so unlikely because the Masons and their criminal syndicate have been getting away with this for ages. All the sudden white hats are everywhere on the inside and have enough power to stop them? That would mean this whole thing with Trump not being an insider is real. Fingers crossed.

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This might have been the case a year or two back, but no longer. Trump would not have won without Alex Jones. They guy gets 40 million views a week, and got 80 million during the election season. The tide is shifting away from MSM big time. I trust The Enquirer before I trust CNN. Jones' credibility is way way higher than any MSM outfit by now, which is why I said he needs to get way more familiar with the facts of the case - it was a show of respect.

But what is going on here with my fellow Voat citizen investigators will even become the de facto media in a few years and end up replacing even Jones down the road, and I would think he might even enjoy that. The stuff that y'all uncover continues to AMAZE me. The NY Times has got nuthin' on you guys!

The internet hasn't even begun to make its real impact yet. My guess is that within a couple years you are going to start seeing serious talk about doing away with Washington D.C. altogether and resorting back to the original organization of a loose federation of states (and it might even get to the county level). But I'm getting ahead of myself...


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Alex Jones is the worst thing that can happen to the truth.

Wrong. The MSM empowered by Soros and the left is the worst thing that can happen to the truth.


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Nothing bad can happen to the Truth


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Got that right, Alex Jones is a shill. He used to live in John Stadtmiller's house when he was on RBN. John owns the station if you guys don't know, great truther radio station you can listen to online! If you have never been to his site