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What do you expect from the BBC? They protected Saville and never report on Prince Andrew's association with Epstein.


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We should let know why the article is wrong

Also in regards to Saville cover-up that was ordered by Mark thompson -

Mark now works at New York times and is covering up pizzagate


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Waste of time; they know exactly what they are doing. Ignore it. Think of it as trolling and just expose them .


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Works?! He's the fucking CEO of the NYT! How much more controlled can the narrative be?


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The BBC can be 'trusted' with telling you if there's a traffic jam, or what the weather forecast is, or of an indisputable current event. But they can never be trusted with a story that requires a lack of bias, or any kind of analysis or opinion. They are paid over £3B by the government to promote social cohesion, multiculturalism, happiness and harmony, i.e. keep the population brain-dead and dribbling.


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This is what I said when prompted on pizzagate for this article:

"When I referred to #pizzagate in my video, what I really meant was #pedogate, as the situation with pedophilia and society extends far beyond a pizza shop. Many individuals are awakening to the reality that's been hiding in plain sight. In regards to the "webcam video from" videos, the majority were uploaded years ago, yet the issue is being addressed now. The pizzagate scandal deals with allegations of corruption within the U.S. government. Many trust their government to work for the people and their best interests, and we expect powerful companies like Google to adhere to an ethical standard, and not cash in on videos of innocent children. However, through the awakening that began decades ago with the Franklin Cover-up, reaching every corner of the earth with Jimmy Savile in the UK and Operation Darkroom in Norway, and now through the Podesta emails, ordinary people are beginning to realize that predators have injected themselves into our power structure--into every facet of it: government and business. As a result, regular folks are becoming a voice for these children who are victims, in a society where existing power structures fail to protect them."


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Excellent statement!


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Apparently BBC had no idea that Jimmy the freak was a pedophile. Jimmy was knighted by the queen.


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Bullshit. They knew exactly what they were doing.