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law of one, hidden hand insider post, primer fields on youtube, nasim haramein and holofractal theory... I think when you get into this stuff its so far out there that it is hard to decern which direction to look. The idea of evolved consciousness groups existing in other dimensions, black vs evil, galactic federation. I mean this shit gets really crazy but the craziest thing about all of it is the the deeper into all the research you get, it comes full circle and things just kind of make sense. Whether you believe it or not is another story, but try to look at it from a number of different persepectives with a completely open mind.

I just find it weird that I picked this as a username (forgot my old one when the first reddit exodus happened and made this when the pizzagate ban happened), and now all these big names are starting to drop variations of Icke's original reptialian/draconid/saturn cult shit in a way that they are finally understanding the deeper picture.

The palaidians, venetians, etc. I mean this is like real-life religious science fiction. I recommend everyone follow their own path of research and what interests them. It's all connected and you will work your way around it all eventually.

edit: not to mention when you look at all the old religious in an alegoric sense they all tell the same story of infinite energy/stillness becoming aware of itself and then wanting to experience itself. It's the first vibration in the sea of stillness that leads to all the various fractal permutations of energy that extend up and down from the point and form our realities. We are just little pieces of this consciousness network broken off in, using our simulators to generate a reality for us out of our dimension/resonance (so those computer simulation theories are correct, but we are the individual simulators) -- this is the observer effect. Our little simulator in our head collapses the infinite wave into a percieved moment/reality, over and over again, like a monitor with an infinitely fast refreshrate. This refreshrate is our base frequency that our 3 density dimension runs on. Everything is really just energy waves, its like that moment NEO becomes the one and sees the world in computer code. Actually reality is just empty space and energy, and our brains trick us into seeing this physical material world.

I have this little theory that everything beyond the 3rd dimension is non-physical, and the only way to experience the true physical reality is to manifest in the 3rd density. This gives us a weirdly special place among the different dimensions. I can't quite figure out what sits under us in the 2nd density though, or if it even works like that. Do you need 3 to make up physical space and consciousness, and I know it doesn't work like 3D planes (x,y,z,time), but do things just get more complex as you move up? I love the whole H_H post about the different densities and the learning stage that goes on.

I think the hardest thing to accept in the hidden hand post is the talk about a harvest, and 2012 and that type of thing. He does say we wouldn't notice and continue living life normal. Maybe we all made it into the good version and we will see things get amazing from here on out.


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I think 3rd dimension is the base of where life forms can start and thrive.