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See pages 20, 25, 26, 59 and 60.

The badge with the Boy Lover symbol originated with Sheriff E. W. Biscailuz, who had a badge custom made for him with this symbol.

"Around 1939, Sheriff Biscailuz developed the Sheriff's Boys Band. This group of juvenile musicians was organized and trained by Colonel Vesey Walker, an experienced and veteran conductor. Under the sponsorship of the Sheriff's Department they appeared in various cities, proudly representing the finest Sheriff's Deptpartment in the entire country."

"Another innovative first by Sheriff Biscailuz was the creation of the “Junior Deputy” program in the 30’s. The program has since morphed into today’s Law Enforcement Explorer program."

Could this be just another coincidence?

Additional information: "During Prohibition, Biscailuz was one of an influential band of revelers who called themselves the Uplifters Club and built their own Rustic Canyon hangout. The exclusive men's group, drawn from the rich, powerful and famous, included newspaper and bank executives, and Hollywood celebrities Will Rogers, Walt Disney, Spencer Tracy, Clark Gable, Harold Lloyd and Daryl F. Zanuck."

More about the Uplifters:

Yet more: The Uplifters produced a play titled "The Uplift of Lucifer"


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Kids N Kops program;

The Kids 'N' Kops program is designed for children ages 9-12 who are on the waiting list for a Big Brother or Big Sister. Kids 'N' Kops is based on a partnership between the Bridgewater Police Service, Lunenburg and Queens County RCMP, and South Shore Big Brothers Big Sisters, and is funded by United Way of Lunenburg County. The week is comprised of a mini police academy with a recreational component. The morning includes activities with police officers and police partners such as crime scene investigations, K-9 scenarios, fire safety demonstrations and fingerprinting. The afternoon includes physical activities such as swimming, sports and beach fun. The Kids 'N' Kops program is supervised by volunteers and staff of the Bridgewater Police Service, Lunenburg and Queens County RCMP and South Shore Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

Double Heart Logo for Big Brothers Big Sisters;


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Oh my. had no idea that was their symbol. what is going on here? How deep is it? All the way to Hell?


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Beach time and swimming with temporary mentors for kids waiting for other mentors? Yeah that seems weird...


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That really does not sound good at ALL. :-(


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Boys Band, ha!


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Speaking of Boy Bands, and this is probably nothing but a coincidence but it was weird...

The badge history link from earlier mentioned the Sheriff's Boy Band, in which Sheriff Biscailuz was involved. But so was Vesey Walker.

This group of juvenile musicians was organized and trained by Colonel Vesey Walker, an experienced and veteran conductor.

So on a stretch I googled his name + pedo.

The second link points to a series post on deviantart. I don't know what's going on on that page exactly, but the top post is a drawing of brave little toaster characters, interpreted as people, the results of which you can see yourself. The post that mentions Vesey Walker is later down the list, made by a different person, and is talking about Oscars.

I know these are probably not related and this is a weird stretch but why do coincidences like this happen???


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On the picture I found which I could not link to you in the prior post, it states the deputy who won the contest was deputy Bob Brown.

Biscailuz did not design it.

I am researching the deputy who designed it now.


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Look at pages 59 and 60 of the document linked to above. They show badges with the spiral triangle in use before Bob Brown's 1948 design. In the document on page 20, the badge with the spiral triangles is shown with the caption, "Flat badge, custom made for Sheriff Biscailuz back in the 1950's"

Please post any more information you find.