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His entire world depends on toeing the line and defending this massive conspiracy foisted on the American people.

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Bingo! Always suspected his involvement would justify his incessant denial and derision of the truths we are uncovering daily. Boycott MSM and their agitprop "comedy" programming.

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Comedy "programming" is right.

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The longer this goes on the deeper it goes and the more we realize "me thinks thou protesteth too much" is 100% true. The more time and attention people like Colbert give to making fun of it... the more involved they're likely to be! Wonder where Michael Moore fits in?

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now imagine i took jon stewart's place.

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Stewart got out and never came back and is not associated with the Podesta's. I actually think Stewart discovered just how fake it all was and wanted out. Like Chappelle.

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someone would actually watch the show?

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He is defending pedophiles. He has to be made an example of. PRESIDENT TRUMP, HANG THIS SCUM

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The bastard isn't thinking twice about the kids. How do these people ever sleep at night?!

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They just keep drinking the drink.

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As a longtime Colbert fan, until the past couple years, It's going to be so satisfying when Podesta is hauled off to prison... People should never let Colbert forget how he helped perpetuate child abuse.

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Notice: This investigation is not closed to any avenue or individual associated with the known prime suspects.

In all seriousness, I liked him too, but that was 2006.

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I think you're saying he could also be suspect? Maybe so. I guess I might be in denial about that, hoping that's he's been mislead like so many... I remember reading that he does have a pretty heavy Jesuit background if that's any indicator.

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He was liked way back when and then something happened....these people were no longer funny. Something got into their corn flakes.

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Put him in jail too

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He douched so hard last year, I believe it. Never seen a man become so dishonest so quickly.

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Dude sold out to evilcorp when he took that job.

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He straight up told everyone in the first episode too, sold his soul to the demon amulet and has to hawk sabra hummus. It seems less funny now that he is actively covering for people that joke about killing kids in rituals.

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That is a classic line:) props.

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I used to watch his show on Comedy Central religiously but now I can't stand that dude.

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Me neither, he's a smug bastard.

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It used to be one of my favorite shows. Too scripted on the left and made me shake my head.

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after seeing that on tv I will never watch him AGAIN!! He is a scoundrel in the lowest!

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Podesta is an international extortionist. So yeah.

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Good point!!

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Just wow.... nice find.

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All credit to a friend in a secret FB PG group! :) I just had to piece it together to make it voat friendly :)

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I can't wait for him and all the others to eat crow.

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Rather him eat crow than keep eating these babies......dude is likely a Satanist freak.

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The, dead, not needing to eat is best for him and his brother

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