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Tavistock formed the CIA and developed MKULTRA with NAZI science. NAZI science is still a major component of sociological engineering, research Alfred Kinsey. Some of the children with eye markings shown on Alefantis page are MKULTRA VICTIMS and will not be killed but will be forced to watch and participate in killing, to fracture the nascent personality forming, aka FRACTURE THE SOUL (PSYCHE) - POSSESS THE SOUL.


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I upvoted your comment, I see it was downvoted. If I didn't know as much about T as I do ( I have graphs, charts, notes out the ass ugh) then I wouldn't pay any attention to the fact that it is obvious you received a downvote. The only people that would possibly downvote your comment would be those who know nothing about T, or who are out to discredit and draw attention away from what you said.


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It's fortunate I never reply in the blue section but opt to return to the page where I might see how things are ordered and note from your comment, it is based on a lie to enamour me and obscure the in fact you work for Tavistock.