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He's a great guy and will do great stuff for America. I don't know what drug you Bush/Clinton people are on.


[–] throwawaa 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago  (edited ago)

I hate bush and clinton even more. I'm just saying I'm not counting on Trump to fix things, I think he's in it for himself.

Just like the democrats have used social justice issues to get half the country to love them while they do their wars and child-harvesting, Trump can use his pro-america thing to get half the country to love him while he does whatever he wants or takes huge bribes to allow the evil to continue.

I hope you're right about Trump, but how many weeks must we wait before he does anything to unravel this mess? I don't just mean pizzagate, but all the wars and stuff. Why is he silent on our arms deals with saudi arabia? Why is he silent on yemen?


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How soon would you like him to get himself assassinated? He's already risking everything. We have to have patience, I know it's a drag waiting.