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Well, there you go! I have a theory about the New World Order and what it goes back to. I believe JFK definitely got caught up in it, but he was a good guy. He belonged to a group that opposed this NWO. When I found out about it, the bell went off and a light went on and I think I know where this started. Thanks!


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High Level Insider talks about the NWO. It doesn't exist as it's just a psyops by the OWO to play on Conspiracy people to think they are creating this new form of order when in reality it's just the same people. A NWO entails the overthrow of TPTB and creating a revolution of progress and advancement through technology and more.


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The NWO exists and was outlined in the HRC emails. It's a global agenda and it's real. One government that we all answer to. Don't know what you've been reading, but whoever you're listening to is wrong. Read the emails if you haven't already. And they did topple the established order. They overthrew the constitution with what they were doing. The President is sworn to uphold it, and the presidents have not done that. The last one openly defied it and abrogated the rights of the people by not recognizing his country's borders. Sanctuary cities defy it as those cities operate outside federal law.