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Initiation rites involve masturbation....letting somebody stick there Penis in your butt....sexing an underage girl....and to move up to the real high ranks it would help if you would slit a kids throat and prance around with its blood on you. Take a bite of its little heart still beating. And let them take photos....this is what these clowns are doing.


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Unfortunately, this may be a true statement.


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100% correct. Blackmail... been used for centuries. Preferred method of TPTB.


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I've heard that mentioned before, what is tbtb?


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It's not just blackmail, this is what they do for fun and to serve their god. It's not like they are reluncyantly participating and are being blackmailed. They share this belief and lifestyle and practice amongst each other. Blackmail is an extra benefit. Not the end goal.


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It was a great system until that damn internet came along. The whole purpose of the internet was to make communications easier to get, archive, and more accessible.

The problem is that you can't have secrets with a system like this, and it advanced too quickly to be stopped. They where also completely unaware of it. They scorned it

One of the more interesting aspects of all the recent developments is how the elites seem to hold disdain for stem, but place arts on such a high pedestal. This goes back to the whole bard caste nonsense that was real big in the cult scene back in the 60s and the 70s. Philip K Dick wrote a short story about all this, and it was disturbingly prophetic.

One of the biggest indicators that there is a cultural coup going on is how quickly the technocrats and the futurists are jumping onto the trump train. I suspect that either they smell blood in the water, or they are somehow behind this information getting out.


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we've been online so long and so often that we forget how awesome it is


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Calling them clowns is an insult to clowns