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Great work! But, as I posted in the other thread where you presented this:

I couldn't agree with you more; these institutions are doing us a great injustice. Why not protest outside of their offices, and organize like minded people to stand with you. Is is because that would be too large a sacrifice? I personally think it would be. What does that say about us?

I am thankful to all that have worked, and continue to work, to bring this information to light. But i feel that it is time for more than just investigating. Many people agree that these companies are not operating in our best interest. It is time to fight these people with the tools we have. It is time to fight in the style they are accustomed. These groups have no trouble pointing the finger at competing news outlets that do not share their views. They call for boycotts and have forced advertisers to quit campaigns with opposing news outlets (fact).

I would like to see this list expanded to include the advertisers (funder's). And I would like to have the contact information for the advertisers added. Then we can begin a collaborated effort to both contact and boycott these funders that assist news agencies in confusing and dominating us. Companies that see no problems in supporting filth. We need to hold these companies responsible for their funding and make them think twice about who they support; as all of us need to do in these times.

Only then will we begin to have an effect! Money isn't the most important thing; it's the only thing to these kind. It's time to start hitting where it hurts.