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It was the Daily Show that canceled an interview with David Seaman. They also are the true originators of fake news. Jon Oliver, Samantha Bee and the wanabe Seth Meyers also deserve a spot on the list.

Also I feel it is kinda unfair to Scott Adams to put him in this company. He was a closet Trump supporter all election and was, outside of Ann Coulter, the first person who seriously suggested he could win. While I think he is wrong on Pizzagate now I also think he has the potential to come around if he hears evidence outside of the normal media straw man.

Also you definitely need Salon. They make Slate and huffpo seem reasonable.


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I will fix the Seaman reference. It came from someone else, and I meant to fix that. On Scott Adams, he made that choice and came down very hard against it. Maybe putting their names on it will cause some to dig a bit to see if they would like to be removed from the list. I will add Salon once I can find it.


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Here you are. is the fucking worst. The unpaid slave labor at the huffpo is better than their "journalists".