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Citizen investigation is the present and future of journalism. Professional journalism is dead—forever.


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I tried to upvoat you but was denied. Excellent points; you nailed it.


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Lemme give you both a little boost. Upvoat x2


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Thank you for this, this is a valuable resource, please keep updating it.


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Because I could not fit all of this above, here is a summary of some of our key findings that have not been touched at all by the media or law enforcement. Good summary is here. Please click on any and all links below to see how none of these media authorities actually addressed any of the legitimate concerns raised by pizzagate:

This is just a short list of the many questions that no one in the media has asked. The echo chamber simply dismissed it as a hoax/false news without any investigative effort, yet they arrogantly attack us for making unsubstantiated claims. Also, ask yourself this: If this is not legitimate, why would the media/TPTB expend so much energy, including paying for CTR shills on this and other forums, trying to prove this is false without any attempt to actually investigate? The answer: Propaganda is inversely proportional to the truth!


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Here are some of the individual writers, with links to their articles (list not comprehensive):

Bryan Menegus Gizmodo




Gregor Aisch, Jon Huang and Cecilia Kang New York Times



Adam Goldman New York Times



Erik Wemple Washington Post


Faiz Siddiqui and Susan Svrluga Washington Post


Callum Borchers Washington Post


Catherine Rampell Washington Post


Marc Fisher, John Woodrow Cox, and Peter Hermann Washington Post


Roger Lancaster Washington Post


Taylor Link Salon


Andrew Breiner Salon


Brendan Gauthier Salon


Ben Collins Daily Beast


Tim Mak Daily Beast


Jay Michaelson Daily Beast


Ed Mazza Huffington Post


Rodney Ho Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Benjamin Freed and Jessica Sidman Washingtonian



Andrew Beaujon Washingtonian


Douglas Ernst Washington Times


Laura Hayes Washington City Paper



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Awesome work. Thanks!


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I have been working the last few weeks on gathering information to create a timeline of all times pedophile rings, and the like of being busted, with whisperings of high powered people being involved. I now have over two thousand words, but don't know how to get it on here in one piece. I would like for people to be able to use it, to get people to wake up and actually look at this information before they just discount it. Is there a way to attach a document? Here is a little of it, I skipped my letter part and gave a sample of the meat, so you could see what I was talking about, there is much more. 1962-1996: Horace Mann School, In New York City. This is a school for wealthy privileged children; the alumni include Eliot Spitzer, and Jack Kerouac. The school settled one lawsuit for millions of dollars, as well as several smaller law suits. http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/horace-mann-sex-abuse-probe-blasts-school-finds-dozens-victims-n365291 http://abundanthope.net/pages/True_US_History_108/NEW-YORK-PEDOPHILE-RING-LINKED-TO-CIA.shtml 1964: Catholic School, Kamloops BC. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Andrew went to Kamloops BC to visit a catholic school, and left with ten children and they have never been seen again. http://itccs.org/2011/02/28/star-eyewitness-who-named-queen-of-england-in-abduction-of-aboriginal-children-dies-suddenly-in-vancouver-hospital/ 1970’s into the 80’s: The Elm guest house scandals. The house was raided in 1982, and 12 boys also provided testimony about the horrible crimes they had witnessed and endured. In 1983 more was discovered after a 45,000 page dossier was turned over to Leon Britton. One person named was MP Cyril Smith (who of course is now deceased). What was also discovered was the pedophile information exchange which was established in 1974, by Peter Righton. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/first-victim-of-elm-guest-house-1572073 https://theukdatabase.com/elm-guest-house-child-sexual-abuse/ 1980’s The Catholic Church. Do I really need to say anything here, I feel that most people accept that the priests were doing horrible things to children, but there is still more to the story.


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YES, that's a great idea & so interesting! Cheering you on!!


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I would love to help. I am a pretty good organizer/writer. My issue is that I recently came off a client, and I need to focus on my next client/job or my wife will kill me. A big part of the story is the repeated patterns (same kinds of abuse, rituals, and media cover up of everything).


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we need a PG timeline. im with on that. if ur up for it lets make a thread of it.


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It was the Daily Show that canceled an interview with David Seaman. They also are the true originators of fake news. Jon Oliver, Samantha Bee and the wanabe Seth Meyers also deserve a spot on the list.

Also I feel it is kinda unfair to Scott Adams to put him in this company. He was a closet Trump supporter all election and was, outside of Ann Coulter, the first person who seriously suggested he could win. While I think he is wrong on Pizzagate now I also think he has the potential to come around if he hears evidence outside of the normal media straw man.

Also you definitely need Salon. They make Slate and huffpo seem reasonable.


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I will fix the Seaman reference. It came from someone else, and I meant to fix that. On Scott Adams, he made that choice and came down very hard against it. Maybe putting their names on it will cause some to dig a bit to see if they would like to be removed from the list. I will add Salon once I can find it.


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Here you are. Salon.com is the fucking worst. The unpaid slave labor at the huffpo is better than their "journalists".

http://www.salon.com/topic/pizzagate/ http://fmshooter.com/salon-com-never-made-money-20-years-existence-still-operating/


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Great post, @reasonedandinformed! Keep up the great work.

Have you read the timeline of pizzagate censorship compiled by @tjarco? You two should cross reference each other. @Millennial_Falcon, you may want to link to this thread in the Executive Summary and/or the sidebar.

@RebelSkum, you may want to include this information in the Pizzagate Wiki.


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Great work! But, as I posted in the other thread where you presented this:

I couldn't agree with you more; these institutions are doing us a great injustice. Why not protest outside of their offices, and organize like minded people to stand with you. Is is because that would be too large a sacrifice? I personally think it would be. What does that say about us?

I am thankful to all that have worked, and continue to work, to bring this information to light. But i feel that it is time for more than just investigating. Many people agree that these companies are not operating in our best interest. It is time to fight these people with the tools we have. It is time to fight in the style they are accustomed. These groups have no trouble pointing the finger at competing news outlets that do not share their views. They call for boycotts and have forced advertisers to quit campaigns with opposing news outlets (fact).

I would like to see this list expanded to include the advertisers (funder's). And I would like to have the contact information for the advertisers added. Then we can begin a collaborated effort to both contact and boycott these funders that assist news agencies in confusing and dominating us. Companies that see no problems in supporting filth. We need to hold these companies responsible for their funding and make them think twice about who they support; as all of us need to do in these times.

Only then will we begin to have an effect! Money isn't the most important thing; it's the only thing to these kind. It's time to start hitting where it hurts.


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Great post.

Maybe even take it further and include a sub-section of the database that includes individuals (maybe well-known personalities and those people who are actually tied to Pizzagate in some way) who are Pizzagate deniers with links pointing to their public comments.

Just a thought, keep up the good work.


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I like it. I think this will be something to build as we can hopefully get a major breakthrough against the wall of lies.

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