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actually, tptb do understand the Streisand Effect, and have already deployed it in a reverse-psychology kind of way with the Ferguson shooting and riot hoax.

"Michael Brown" had barely been "dead" a minute when "anonymous" came out with a video talking about how Ferguson was being buried, censored, ignored, etc by the media... this worked as planned, and everyone started spreading Ferguson stuff under the assumption that it was a real case of police brutality

by the time the main stream media started covering it, the public was already convinced that Ferguson was a real story, and, more importantly, that the main stream media was covering real news.


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Never let a good "tragedy" go to waste....

LOL "anonymous" which is anyone...and everyone....BLM was Johnny on the spot there weren't they?

Re "tragedy" I do not consider the death of a thug in the process of attacking a cop, and who had just committed strong armed be a tragedy in any way except that his parents and community suck and he probably never had a chance. Just like Trayvon Martin...thug...who was always going to die young because his gang banger daddy and momma never taught him right from wrong.


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who had just committed strong armed robbery

initially we were told "Michael Brown" was just walking down the middle of the street and was told by a passing policeman to get on the sidewalk.

the story about the strong arm robbery didn't come out until several days after the shooting, so the premise that the police were confronting an armed robber can't be true.

Just like Trayvon Martin...thug

Trayvon Martin is a fictional character, as is George Zimmerman. the entire story is a hollywood fabrication, which should be obvious as George Zimmerman has gone on to become headline news many times since then, in increasingly absurd scenarios.

daddy and momma never taught him right from wrong.

yes, its sad your parents weren't able to teach you about how racism is instigated by the media through fake news stories like Ferguson and Trayvon Martin. its sad that you were indoctrinated into a racist mindset from birth, and that stories like Ferguson and Trayvon seem plausible to you, because they reinforce your already-racist perspective.

here is just ONE piece of evidence. its a picture of a "looter" in Ferguson, and if you study it for a while you should be able to convince yourself that this picture is in fact photoshopped. look at his shoes, and where he is jumping from and where he will land. look at where his eyes are looking. he knows he is getting his picture taken? why not look before you leap?

redevelopment plan for Ferguson, planned well before the "riots"

Ferguson PsyOp