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Peter Mandelson, part of Tony Blair's govt and key architect also involved in the Maldives and corruption. This memo about Peter was obtained by the Daily Mail. I know what we all think of DM, but what is interesting is how few msm ran or even seeded this story. We all know how much the msm loves to recycle each other stories!

Anyway, I am thinking stories such as this that only appear in a certain msm outlet are part of a 3d chess game, which the plebs are not privy too. In other words, certain stories get limited coverage because a message is being sent to certain parties. Also, Peter is suspected as key in the UK paedophile ring, will post links in a bit. In addition Peter is major player at Bilderberg.

I think the Maldives is similar to situation Georg Webb covers in Haiti etc. Also, Maldives being used to launder vasts amounts of cash.

I think if we we peel back the layers we will see same names crop up here and in the UK, and a direct line can be drawn between them, and destabilizing certain countries, putting in their own peeps in said countries, money laundering, child trafficking, and key players involved are suspected paedophiles or closely connected to known paedophiles

Here is the link.


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Excellent. Thank you. We are on the same page.


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Here is an article on mandleson and blair - child sex rings - etc.

Mandelson was also involved in NSPC, which is an organization to protect children. Cheri founded the Matrix chamber, which primarily focuses on human rights, sex trafficking, etc. Ironic, in light of what you posted above about Cheri. I think we can assume attorneys from Matrix chamber working on UN sex trafficking etc are there to give the impression to the public something is being done, while slow walking anything that could really damage all involved.

Also interesting that Ben Emmerson, also of Matrix chamber was until recently head legal on the current Child Abuse Inquiry in UK. From everything I heard it seems his primary task was to remove any and all threats that might actually expose VIP child abuse in the UK? Emmerson was recently fired from UK CSA inquiry.

Strange as it seems but George Clooney wife worked with Emmerson, and met Clooney through Emmerson.

This I can't prove but I think the movie the Ghost writer was pretty accurate. The movie directed by Polanski, who is a paedophile, and some think worked for polish sectet service. I will see if I can find link. I think Blair and Cheri are - using George Webb's term, 'NOC' - non official cover agents