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RIP Ben Swann


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I really wanted to downvote this. Not really because of what you said though. It's more like I almost wish I could downvote this whole shitty fucking situation. Really wish him the best. The backlash from this could be pretty intense.


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The best way to stop this whole situation is by getting it and everyone involved completely out of the shadows of the world, lock them up in the deepest darkest cages of the world, throw away the keys, and make sure that every last one of them rots away all alone. It won't purge the evil and twisted ideas from the hearts of greedy men and women in positions of power forever, but it will set a precedent that ensures no one even thinks of following in their footsteps for several generations.


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We need to downvote the fucking terrible insane people in power. Downvote them with a large mallet.


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I don't want to go all spiritual on you guys but let me just say this: Keep Ben Swann and all other brave public individuals like Assange & Snowden (and Trump? I believe he's a good guy too) in your thoughts. Surround them with a positive vibe. This vibe is like an undestructible armor. Imagine thousands (or millions!) of other people doing the same... you'll see that Swann and other truth seekers are not alone.

One day we will have to realize that our thoughts are powerful and have a direct impact on what happens in the world.


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I am sending those very vibes and my hairs are standing on end. I feel it. Despite those who cannot yet see, I hope that they will.

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I too wish him nothing but the best. He really did put a lot on the line to bring this story to light outside of the online community. I really hope he understands the door he just opened up, and I really hope he understands the totality of his potential situation.