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So many conflict of interests in the Epstein case. Gersh allowed to be the attorney and loophole the impunity on all is outrageous. Did you see that Gersh is all trying to debarr the plaintiff attorneys ?

Gersh has caused many professors to lose their tenure; for simply not agreeing with him on subjects that many were not even engaging with Gersh. Gersh also bullied female students at a Harvard conference. The school newspaper articles on him by a student who cheers him has a lot of revealing comments by students.

Amazing that Gersh bullies ones to be debarred or lose tenure when it was covered up for years that he beat up his first wife, then bullied her over the children and she committed suicide. ( homicide suicide).

How did he get or get to keep his attorney license with such a history of unethics to his first wife?

On Wikipedia, it now says that Gersh is the attorney for Assange, on the bottom of the page. Is that true or a joke?/

Courts being revamped so elites cannot loophole to impunity/ minimize charges and unfairly delay court process on tax dollars, as also further harms victims, needs to be done.

Also, in 2014, news shows that convicted pedophiles are being taken off the sex offender registry and also MD allows pedophiles to live near schools, parks, etc.

Also, news coverage on sex offenders being put in MD state institutions vs jail and criminal court cases. Every six months, offenders are to be psych accessed to see if should be routed back to jail and criminal courts is not being done.

Many of the same attorneys, judges, psych drs, state health dept officials are on many of the pedo sex offender cases.

Also, the MD state sex registry shows a number of offenders are not being monitored on probation; yet offenders of minor offenses ( ex: 25 year old dating a teen) are under strict, longterm supervision.

And, even odder, a number of non monitored pedos live on the same street as many addresses pulled up for Moon/ hopefoundation near NASA in MD and in same county as the MD pig farm.

Wondering if VA is same thing, yet noticed that a number of sex offenders on the MD state list were charged with pedo in VA and moved to MD.

Also, the pedo addresses and Hope/ moon ones on Spokes, list a lot of people living in each house and each street. And, a number of the houses of the pedo or hope, are on real estate listings for sale, this year. The same real estate companies and realtors, pop up often. And JA on Fb, the friend that rents his home in Dc, has many real estate friends, esp under Cold well.