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No, this is not typical college behavior—it's adult, criminal behavior. A typical college fuck up is oversleeping and missing an exam. What the fuck is wrong with these other commenters?


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This is ABSOLUTELY college behavior. Smoking weed, being drunk in public, and having a fake ID to get into bars? these kinds of misdemeanors are exactly what most college students end up getting a criminal record for. You obviously haven't been in college for a while, never were in college, or didn't have fun in college haha. I believe that the guy isn't as innocent as he would pretend, but these things are really not red flags at all.


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U really dont know how the world works do ya?

People do drugs. They also sell them. Yeah, i know. Almost as fuqed up as Pizzagate.

Praise Kek


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I attended colleges on numerous continents, received a PhD, and run several business, so I guess I really have no clue—by your standards. Drank and fucked plenty along the way, but this isn't r/TheRedPill, so I'll save you the savory details. Enjoy your community service, losers. @buttmunch48