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The MSM have completely blown all remaining credibility. The have fallen for a 4chan hoax. Read this thread and linked tweets for an explanation on how it happened.



This is epic! i think we are going to see a lot more about this story... the media are going to double-down in an effort to save face and in so doing, destroy themselves even more. We are living in the twilight zone... HAVE YOU EVER KNOWN ANYTHING LIKE THIS???

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Yes it shows that the CIA and MSM are biased and will give something that fits their political beliefs the benefit of the doubt.

It's hilarious that the CIA is getting a taste of its own medicine.

The CIA needs to be destroyed.

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I am really shocked they fell for this (CIA and MSM). It is so outrageous that it sets a perfect pretext for Trump to go in with CIA reform, and bring the MSM under control (allowing them to be held liable and sued for fake news etc)

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the cia uses the washington post as it's tool. look what they did to actual journalist gary webb


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This is an excellent tactic for discrediting them. Far more effective than bitching about them being liars. SHOW that they are liars, let them hang themselves.

"Hoist by their own petard"

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Wow that was a genius idea to show up the MSM!

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This was priceless! Just seals it, that ALL MSM are corrupt and are in it with the Clinton Pedo Cabal!

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yup. shocking isn;t it? I think they've sealed their fate with this nonsense. What a laughing stock they have reduced America to, with this insane panic about Trump winning. Its going beyond Twilight Zone weirdness

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NOT idiots! Do not think of the MSM as idiots, or you will fail to understand your enemy.

The MSM are there to throw people off. They are the propaganda arm, and they can be quite effective. They're liars, not idiots.

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Exactly. The MSM takes advantage of idiots, they're not the idiots themselves.

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Do you think they didn't actually fall for this story, they knew it was fake and reported it as if it was real, intentionally?

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I wish I could upvoat this multiple times

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Go ahead. Make multiple accounts and upgoat away. They are still fucking stupid.

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I hope 2017 is all about trolling the media. Just to keep illustrating over and over how incompetent they are.

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Will there be a media?

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If they repent and start to praising kek there's hope

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I once had an idea that someone should start a site "MockOrNot" as a response to the PropOrNot "fact checking" site. Mock being Mockingbird Media

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That is why President Trump goes on Twitter, to go directly to the people!

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There is a great opportunity here for all Voaters to use this debacle by the MSM as a conversation starter with PG skeptics. My jaw hit the floor when I heard it last night and I immediately knew CNN had been trawled. The Ministry of Information is really off it's game !!

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It gives me hope that Trump may not be a Rothschild puppet -- controlled opposition -- which has been my worry from the start. I used to bash Trump. If he tackles pizzagate, which I'm sure he knows is real, he will be my new hero.

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I don't think controlled opposition would destroy a effective source of misinformation for the PTB. Which gives me hope.

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I'm counting on it, and I've always known he's the real deal.

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Pedophile human trafficking rings are trying to protect themselves. Of course criminals are going to say that they are the ones who are the honest good guys.

The MSM are pickpocketing junkies who, even after you catch them with your wallet, spin elaborate bullshit about how they didn't actually steal it.

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MSM questions the credibility of Wikileaks, yet Wikileaks verifies each and every item before publishing.

Journalism is dead. MSM is irrelevant

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