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If it was just a simple innocent message with some typo mistakes, why didn't he just explain what he really meant instead of deleting it? This certainly doesn't help him look innocent.

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Exactly. None of them have come out with a common-sense explanation for ANY of these nasty-bombs people keep stumbling onto.

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If he had come here and given the innocent meaning which made sense I'd have given him the benefit of the doubt. He's still free to do that. So far the explanations and behavior of some of these people, or non explanations have only worked to highlight it.

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That's the problem.

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Because people wouldn't have believed him and would have called him a liar.

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oh, oh, innocent? where?

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SHADILAY! These idiots do not know how to hide in the Digital Age of Kek!

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OK, Mr DuBeshter, I guess I will continue with my searches.

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Odd Photos by Trolly Park;

Jeff Zeeman Likes this one taken at The Coup...Egyptian Ibis masks same as Besta Pizza Painting;



Besta Pizza - Masks also worn by Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn Cult


Hermetic Order of Golden Dawn Same triangles on robes witness by child victims - Satanist Aleister Crowley also wears the triangle robes in rituals.


The Coup DC - lots of heart in heart symbols


Zeeman like this kid dragon one also;


Wierd symbolism in letters...Y = snake


"dragons" love "tacos"


Most disturbing child behind bars;


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Really good stuff redditsuckz ... the snake reference is often symbolism towards satan (the serpent).

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The stupidity of some people is mind-blowing. We should make up a Pizzagate rule whereby if you post stupid shit on someones social media to let them know that we're onto them you get sent directly to someone like Tony Podesta for tickly bum fun.

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I know right. Why not just take out a billboard that says, we're checking you out and we're on to you even before the dig work has been done.

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Probably because I had noticed someone commented on it asking what it means. Guys I know you're curious, but refrain from tipping people off that we're investigating them.

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While I don't condone tipping off the targets until sufficient digging has been performed...

The silver lining would be that these evil fucks cease and desist their nefarious activities until the heat is off. There may be some kids catching a break these days.

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That's true, and even so, them deleting it also helps paint a picture which would go agaisnt them, covering tracks and that.

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My thoughts exactly,you people are doing some excellent work and I know it's frustrating but I guarantee activities have slowed since this investigation started, these sick fucks must be looking over their shoulders.It would be interesting to see if there is any difference in statistics from this time period to last year. Keep on keeping on.

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Wow, deleting it makes it seem REALLY suspicious, and therefore implies it was deleted in an absolute panic without much thought going into it.

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This, Imagine if someone started harassing alefantis right when they found his pictures. We wouldn't even fucking KNOW about pizzagate. So can the 13 year old kids please refrain from ruining the hard work of individuals dedicated to justice?.

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Are there any other deletions that he made comparing the archive vs Facebook?

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My wild guess now is that he SHARED the photo of Wylita Bell b/c he needed a visa approved (think about it this is 90% of what a US consulate does) for the child that is being sent from one location to another b/c anytime someone posts your name on FB, you are notified... She would have been notified and if she knows the code would have worked on it asap.

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remember that we found out yesterday the Chinese worker visa is a "Z" visa.

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Yea I knew that but that wouldn't help for transporting a child to the US. For one to acquire a Z visa, they have to go to the Chinese Embassy not US... but still interesting nonetheless that she is mentioned in an article that talked about Z visas.

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I've said it elsewhere but I remember another thread where it was mentioned that GEw could be the German Embassy West; Clintons get along with Merkel, right?

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Like I said, he did not post the photo, he shared it - shared her photo, a photo she posted. Big difference.

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She can delete the photo, but not the post. Unless facebook has changed their sharing settings, whenever I shared a post by someone and they later removed the image, my post would still be there, but the image I shared would not. If she deleted the image, then his post with the weird message would still be there sans the photo

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But aren't you notified when someone shares your photo as well? Or no?


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sounds legit

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No it doesn't, because he did not post the photo, he shared her photo - he shared a photo she posted. You can clearly see her name is activated as well as 'photo'. Or am I really to stupid for this?

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