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Just want to chime in here, Quantokitty, that you've had done a great job making these posts, supporting them with evidence and asking questions. This is exactly what this board is for. Kudos!


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Hey, thanks. I appreciate it. This is important because it's about kids.


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STRAND on VOLTA is located at 1531 33rd Street NW, Washington DC . Another JA property. Does it fit in?


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Are you saying there is a long tunnel running up beneath 16th street? Are you aware there is a huge Masonic temple on the16th?

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I'm not trying to be critical of potential leads here, but shouldn't this one be fairly easy to prove/disprove? Just need one or two intrepid explorers to get on to the tunnels and see what they find? Or is there no known access?


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OP 'discovered' known tunnels, hundreds of years old and the moderator swoons...

Please tell me what the conclusion is ... Jimmy and his cohorts walking a kid 6 miles uptown in a tunnel to avoid detection? You know, we have tinted friggen windows for that, people.

Imagine this scenario: Kids who are sold are kept at orphanages or in foster care. They get regular trips to Comet to parade in front of potential buyers and mingle with the kids of everyday customers, heading into Comet for nothing other than a pizza and a beer and some ping pong. Normal. The merchandise kids are not prostitutes up for rent, they are for sale. Once a kid is sold, he/she never sees Comet, or even the light of day again. Meanwhile, trips to the pizza joint are play time and they have no idea what is going on, until it's way too late. No need for cover and no need for tunnels, whatsoever. You could keep taking a kid back to Comet, until they are sold, and they would actually look forward to going. Makes a lot of sense, huh ? Please make a rational explanation of just why tunnels are so damn fundamental. I DON'T GET IT. I actually think your every 6 hour tunnel posts are becoming redundant and you're perusing a line of inquiry you have discovered garners upvoats.

This entire sub is deteriorating with these constant tunnel posts and I will continue to call it out until a feasible logistical explanation accompanies these tunnel 'discoveries'.


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The point, clearly, isn't that they "discovered" already known tunnels. It's that a single person has purchased properties that now seem to orientate 100% with them. What they specifically use them for isn't known right now, but it seems reasonable to conclude that they have a use for them. It could be for a single purpose or many purposes.

As for what you thought was a clever or interesting comment:

we have tinted friggen windows for that, people.

I hope you quickly stop thinking that you were either clever or interesting. I'll just say this...You know one of the few things that would be even more foolproof than a "tinted friggen window"? A hidden tunnel. So I'll sum this all up just by saying..."Duh..."


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Hey Remedy, your skepticism is warranted, and your comment added a lot to this conversation. I've upvoated it. Why would they need tunnels?

Imagine you are a rich asshole who can do or say or have pretty much whatever you want. What's your biggest problem? It's boredom. And say you happen to hear about this creepy rich entomologist bigamist who dug all these tunnels. Wouldn't YOU buy a property on top of one and see if you could link up to it? I would. Especially if my friends had soundproofed basement chambers put into their homes for special art viewing (Tony Podesta). Imagine the secret gallery you could accumulate and show off. The parties you could throw. Is this likely? No, because someone would have spilled the beans. But it IS plausible.

My kudos to the OP wasn't about the premise, it was about the approach taken to it. Seems like about half the posts we get are absolute crap -- people jumping on here, dumping a link with no explanation, no premise, no supporting points with sources. We get waves of shitposts spamming the board with nazi crap one day, next day Voat is owned by vampire Jews... Today it was "Mods are AI's". So a well researched, well-constructed post with an intriguing premise that generates a collaborative discussion is going to get a mention from me. It's why we are on here removing spam posts around the clock, so discussions like this can happen.

The reality is, we don't know where the tunnels exactly are, how extensive they might be, if Dyer made them in more places than people generally know (he probably did, given the fact he was living a double life with two separate families). Or if he had any connections to the elite assholes in control of DC in his day. But this is a verifiable hypothesis -- it can be tested with ground penetrating radar, for example.

Voat came under heavy attack today as this series of posts was gaining steam. Does that mean we are onto something and they were trying to shut us down? Or was the electronic and spam interference coupled with the posts themselves part of an elaborate disinformation campaign to distract us from digging into Epstein and the Clinton Foundation? We don't know. But we can freely assemble here and freely express ourselves and let our government and the people who manipulate it know we are happy and willing to give them a free colonoscopy any time at all. And that, after all, is the point.


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What about traffic cams that can, in real time, follow a particular vehicle or surveil a specific location. All above ground. All admissable in court.


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Another possibility is to mind-fuck the kid, especially if they are being brainwashed into slavery. Cathy O'Brien speaks of being purposely confused to not know where she was most times. (Think what you will of her story, just tossing that in.) It also adds to making victims sound nuts, "and then I was led into a deep tunnel..." Discovered years ago or not, most people don't know of them. Did you?
I like your cynicism, though. We need that.