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Another Rock Creek Park "event" - Chandra Levy disappeared May 1, 2001. FBI looked at her laptop and the last thing she did on it was search for the location of a "Pierce-Klingle Mansion", a historic house in Rock Creek Her decomposed body was found about one mile (1.6 km) north of the Pierce-Klingle Mansion and about four miles (6 km) from Levy's apartment. Hers shin bone had wire around it

so her last act was to -by coincidence- google the location where her body would be found? seems fishy


Pierce-Kingle Mansion (good spot for an Eyes Wide Shut Party on May 1st) http://www.justiceforchandra.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2551

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A big thanks! Adding this to the original post, too!!! May 1st -- Beltane. Yup, this is significant.

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Happy to help!

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Rock Creek Park is right behind Kolorama. BO will live there soon two doors down from Tony P. This needs to be looked into. I am not too good at that. I am convinced there is a reason they will both be there. Also I believe there was some news on here about BO extending some tunnel to Camp David. Someone please look into this. Thanks.

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Are you saying Obamas new castle we paid for, is literally 2 doors down from Tony Podestas home??? Holy shit!

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Fantastic!!! I'll add this to the original post. Good stuff!

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FREAKIN' A!!! How in the heck did you find this article? Did you do a search across the US for such similar strange incidents? Reminds me of how occasionally farmers would find their cattle with all blood drained... cant recall where, saw it on cable...

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Nah...When I heard the name Rock Creek Park i immediately remembered a bunch of ppl posting about this same article on reddit before it got shut down. So i knew what to look for....just googled rock creek park and sacrifice. No clue if it's related to Pizzagate or what...just remembered a bunch of ppl discussing it/remembered the name of the park

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Pretty sure it was an episode of the X-Files.

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Would be interesting to see if a police report was filed about this. the report should be an easy to acess public record and might give the exact location of where the animals were found in the park. I don't know if it will provide anything more than another interesting data point for the map, but it might be worth a look.

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We need someone to research Dyer's kids and grandkids. Find out where they live. See if they've had any run-ins with the law. What circles they hang in. etc. They would know if he dug any other tunnels. If he was a pedophile himself, they might have been abused and become abusers. He wasn't exactly flying on the straight and narrow.

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This really freaks me out because I use to spend a lot of time hanging out in these very neighborhoods. Honestly, I've personally never heard or witnessed any of these things going on. Not even hints of it. Do not perceive that as me disputing any of these claims. I'm not doing that at all. Just pointing out mostly at how well this stuff is hiding in plain sight.

I knew there were plenty of tunnels in DC as well as other old East Coast cities, as well as all the way up to the hills of West Virginia, but they were always based on the lore of old as well as secret government installation leaks. Guess if this scum has access to any of them, they'll take advantage of them for their own purposes.

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I know what you mean. There's lots of talk of underground places where I live, too. I think every place has the rumors. I think the most freaked out I got was reading Maury Terry's book about the part they placed in the Son of Sam case. I'd be almost positive they were utilized in the Zodiac Killings as well. I definitely think it's protected info. I mean, most of us don't know about to enter these subterranean places, and don't want to know ... except where it comes to solving what's going on.

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Hi OP. So if I understand all this correctly Harrison G. Dyar first dug a tunnel at 1510/1512 21st St. NW.


Consider that Mr. Dyar’s tunnels were not limited to the area surrounding the property he had owned at 1510 21st Street.


He left behind the scrum-milling at the cave-in near Dupont Circle and headed across town to find the previous owner of 1512 21st St. NW.


Either way if this is correct then this fits in nicely with my recent research on tunnels which led me naturally to the history of Washington DC and Pierre L'Enfant (personally I believe JA is a direct descendant) and the Society of the Cincinnati.

I've written up more of an in depth subverse https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1568106. There is a little back history to begin with but it certainly joins many dots.

The Society of the Cincinnati have their HQ next door to 1510/1512 21st St. NW. I have a sneeking suspicion Harrison G. Dyar was a member of Society of the Cincinnati and knew very well there were tunnels under Washington. I feel more research is needed on Harrison G. Dyar.

They both sit a stones throw from The Pilgrimage http://www.thepilgrimage.org/ (sounds like the're breeding an army of SJWs)

By connecting faith formation to social awareness and action, we are creating people who are invested in making immediate change, as well as young people who will carry a life-long commitment to social justice.

and a place called the Cosmos Club http://cosmosclub.org. I think the logo speaks for itself.  



There is actually a tunnel that runs from Georgetown Reservoir to McMillan Reservoir. The city water tunnel was planned in 1882 (reference).

It runs directly under Rock Creek and Hillary Clintons House, Whitehaven House.

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Thanks for the info. I did see your thread and read through it. I don't know about JA and whether he's a descendant, but what I do know is that he's always been close to Chris Lynch. Chris Lynch (along with partner Jim Ball) opened "L'Enfant Cafe". There is a whole story there in regards to them seizing control of another agency giving them problems. It seems to be an MO. As for the Society of Cincinnati residing in the house next door to Dyar, that is super interesting. And I agree. There is no doubt that Dyar had help ... and some of that was information regarding existing tunnels. He may well have dug to connect them into a new pattern. The Rock Creek part again makes my ears perk up and tingle. Definitely think there's a tunnel there. Perhaps Dyar connected everything together. Interesting stuff.

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This is interesting stuff. Thanks so much. I have several thoughts/observations and I hope they don't sound too disjointed. From last to first, that picture allegedly associated with "Jaberoo" and the "scalp", looks like a dead bird with something under it that has concentric circles on it. I don't see the "scalp".

Then, of course, there is the article about dead animals found there. Also Sandra Levy, which has MANY strange associations. They hounded Congressman Gary Conditt to death over this. It was like Dennis Hastert only legal and with an adult female. I gather the insinuation is that someone was practicing witchcraft (or something) in the park.

In another post someone said that the metro couldn't go through there because of the creek. If there are tunnels there, they provide great shelter for all sorts of activities that some do not want observed.

I grew up in a city that had many tunnels. I have been to D.C. many, many times on business with some of the trips lasting several weeks or months. In fact, my last trip there a lawyer who I was working with was late to court because a section of street next to his office caved in. What did it cave into, you may ask? Why, a tunnel. He had lived there his entire life and didn't know it was there.

My city had a major river and railhead. When I was in college I had a job working on renovating the "old town" area. There were underground facilities everywhere. Some of the tunnels had iron rings in the walls for chaining up the Chinese workmen every night. It was a common construction technique for providing routes for steam and sewer lines, etc..Also, many of the business had freight elevators in the sidewalk where trucks could unload stuff and take it into or out of the basements.

So, while it is doubtful that the original builders planned to connect all of the tunnels, it is not uncommon for someone later to do so. In addition, many of the docks on the river had access to tunnels that lead to businesses inland. Many dark deeds went unnoticed down there.

Your maps show that the run from "P" Street to CPP is about 3 miles. That's a long way if you are working with a shovel. Also, it is necessary to reinforce anything there because the whole thing's a bog.

I suppose I'd say that it is very likely that there are many tunnels that cross-connect to extensive systems in D.C.. How close they go to any of their known properties, however, is a mystery. I think they would be convenient - and probably "fun"- for their use, but they wouldn't be "necessary". There are lots of ways of moving kids without being noticed other than tunnels. That's not to say that they wouldn't take advantage of them if they're there.

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From JA Instagram account. Could be an entrance. I definitely think there are secret tunnels below ground. Great JOB!!

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It looks like a drainage pipe... Like one that might be found in Rocky Creek Park. If its true that the secret tunnel system goes all the way to the park then maybe this is an exit into the park. Anybody in DC that can look for it in the park?

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Oh, nice! I wonder if it is an entrance. Wish I lived near there. And, no, I wouldn't go alone. I'd take a few hundred people with me ... all with cameras! But Jabbaroos saying, "Our Place", is also definitely a clue. Must be somewher on P Street they hang around ... or underneath.

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That makes me think Stranger Things. Not only does the captive girl "11" escape through a tunnel exactly like that, but there are a lot of references to MKUltra, kidnapping, and even telling the mother her child was stillborn and secretly raising the child themselves. I feel like it's a commentary at this point, since there are so many parallels between this reality in pizzagate and the Netflix show.

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Looks like a drainage pipe. Wonder what comes out and if some new plumbing connects to it?

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Its a bit high in the ground for drainage but might be a vent.

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https://archive.is/aXvjS :

Secret LGBT tunnel in the Tenderloin allegedly found, in peril - Curbed SF

https://archive.is/OEgKn :

Inside the tunnels of Washington’s mole man, Harrison G. Dyar - The Washington Post

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Awesome. Thanks!

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