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My apologies in advance for the long rant, but your comment made me think a lot and that led to venting/typing my thoughts.

I think the 'stay quiet' tactic works in a lot of cases, but not for everything.
This is one of the cases where it couldn't work.
They tried it for awhile, but they couldn't shut up and be quiet because their alt-media-is-fake-news bs propaganda was backfiring. They had too many issues that wouldn't go away. , ....the wiki human child slavery investigation, along with other countless wiki problems, was so intense that the only way they could think to distract a confrontation was the war diversion. They couldn't, and haven't, confronted the actual wiki issues, other than their original attempts to convince the world that t it's not true, that it's unfathomable, smearing Assange, etc, with no other answers to back it up. The Assange/Wiki smear campaign didn't backfire; he's been elevated to hero status. Silence and blaming him wouldn't work.

War diversion works time and time again, but this time neither ignoring through silence or inciting the patriotic citizens to war against the enemy worked. They couldn't war with isis / Syria war, because people are already realizing that's an inside political job.
They couldn't war with China, because they owe China trillions of $. They can't war with UK, because they're in bed with UK , evident in the Chilcot Report (explaining the Bush/Blair bromance)

They resurrected their Russian cold-war enemy status as their only viable go-to option, but the problem is that today's Russia isn't quite the same as the Russia of Reagan era.

They know that silence can't be an option, so trying to drown out the truth by paying for protesting msm propaganda groups/people was their best choice.

Since the educated public were/are continuing to send information links out on twitter, gab, facebook,, live.scene etc, webpage articles, etc. people globally are continuing to be pushed to education and personal investigation, since investigation isn't being provided by the control powers. Globally more people are investigating out of fear of repercussion of global media censorship and war with Russia.

They can't investigate themselves, because they've got to much dirt on each other, and the parties in question can't stay silent or smear Assange or wiki, or investigate any of it. So they try to convince people that CIA or FBI said it was Russia, without providing exact investigation details.
But, people already know the shadow government CIA, military etc has dirty levels. (project flicker which is specific to WikiLeaks and PG.)

It's a perfect storm for whistle blowers to come forward!

It's the perfect trifecta storm for the truth to emerge and lies exposed!

They knew it was beyond the scope of silence, they had to fight. Their hope now is to use it to crack down globally and maintain control by expanding it outward in what Bush Sr described as the New World Order.

But, if they do this it won't be a second American Revolution, it'll be more like a global version of the French Revolution. WikiLeaks has shown that Hackers can shut down all their electronic technology, which they would use to keep people in line, and turn it back on them.
Failing the Russian war, or any other war, they'll force a financial crash as a diversion instead of cleaning up the government mess.
They don't want to clean up the mess.... that's the spiralling nature of the entropy of evil, and it's been spiralling in this direction since prior to ww1.

I think that their last resorts are in fact the man-made viruses... which is why this shite in its entirety has to be exposed and cleaned up by whistle-blowers and global education. People need to really wake up and recognize that this shit is real, it's not a conspiracy, they've been listening to the likes of Bush SR, who told them about a New World Order and still the public wouldn't believe it was true.... instead they carried on with their many escape addictions and traumas, while being programmed to patriotically support the government leaders, believing they were being taken care of. The people couldn't/can't identify that this ISN'T being well taken care of.

This global goal that Bush Sr spoke of is the direction they're trying to steer the ship, and silence won't get them there.


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Oh, I'm not saying that the crimes, the online investigations, or the upcoming punishments would have gone away. I'm saying that the incoming administration would have kept on a happy face for the cameras, politely shook hands with the losers, and then gotten to work dealing with the corruption, keeping the nitty gritty details far away from the public's eyes and ears.

But instead, the people in charge have fought Trump's confirmation at every possible front (the electoral college vote still has to be approved on the 6th, but judging how the cockroaches of the GOP ran for cover as soon as Trump even mentioned the stupidity of going after that first, both the Democrats and the Republicans know that it can't be stopped here, hence why the Bushes and the Clintons have finally sent in their RSVPs for the Inauguration), they are busy trying to burn down our country's foreign policy (Israel being branded as criminals by the UN, Russia being blamed for everything even as we amass troops on their border without any evidence of wrongdoing, probably others that I am not as familiar with) and our country's economy (the federal reserve raising the interest rate 4 times in the next year, after only raising it twice in the last 10) on the way out, they set up an agency entirely devoted to creating government propaganda and destroying any alternative news sources, and they have continued to put up obstacles Trump will have to clear before he can actually deal with Washington's real issues.

They went far beyond the terms they agreed to at 3 AM on November 9th, and for that, they will pay for every last sin they committed in their decades of power.

Oh, and don't apologize for your longer rant. It was well spoken and delivered some excellent points.


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I've kinda calmed down since that rant, but it's so bizarre, isn't it?

I just wonder what those roaches are up to, and I know it can't be for the global good.

If I had any relatives in military I'd be involved in a massive educational email/text with my favorite PG links, asking them to push the education button to explain the complex and corrupt reason their in Russia:

Do you think they're actually going to cross the border? Mutiny anyone? The best show on the planet would be if enough military became educated and stood down, but programming runs deep. I will continue to spread the word.


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This is a great summary and likely what their internal strategy looks like.

Interesting times and we're fully involved, in the Paul Revere and Ben Franklin way.


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It would be great strategy if a somebody hacked into the bio-chemical labs, shut down the security systems and left an nice little f-you note, just in case they decide to go plan D, genocide with viruses. Then copied that note to all the main msm and alt-media and political sites (UN, NATO, global party sites).
... similar to what Phineas recently did to the Bilderberg site.


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Well said!!