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Coz that's what you do when you're NOT a sadistic pedo..... file a defamation suit.

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Clinton and Obama could have kept it all relatively quiet by just staying quiet themselves, but instead, they are setting America's foreign policy on fire, they are putting up giant walls of bureaucratic red tape, they are telling the federal reserve to stop the Trump Euphoria, and they used every single possible way of trying to undo Trump's win. They couldn't accept Trump had won on November 8th, so now they'll be paying for their crimes after January 20th puts a competent Department of Justice back in charge of our country.

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My apologies in advance for the long rant, but your comment made me think a lot and that led to venting/typing my thoughts.

I think the 'stay quiet' tactic works in a lot of cases, but not for everything.
This is one of the cases where it couldn't work.
They tried it for awhile, but they couldn't shut up and be quiet because their alt-media-is-fake-news bs propaganda was backfiring. They had too many issues that wouldn't go away. , ....the wiki human child slavery investigation, along with other countless wiki problems, was so intense that the only way they could think to distract a confrontation was the war diversion. They couldn't, and haven't, confronted the actual wiki issues, other than their original attempts to convince the world that t it's not true, that it's unfathomable, smearing Assange, etc, with no other answers to back it up. The Assange/Wiki smear campaign didn't backfire; he's been elevated to hero status. Silence and blaming him wouldn't work.

War diversion works time and time again, but this time neither ignoring through silence or inciting the patriotic citizens to war against the enemy worked. They couldn't war with isis / Syria war, because people are already realizing that's an inside political job.
They couldn't war with China, because they owe China trillions of $. They can't war with UK, because they're in bed with UK , evident in the Chilcot Report (explaining the Bush/Blair bromance)

They resurrected their Russian cold-war enemy status as their only viable go-to option, but the problem is that today's Russia isn't quite the same as the Russia of Reagan era.

They know that silence can't be an option, so trying to drown out the truth by paying for protesting msm propaganda groups/people was their best choice.

Since the educated public were/are continuing to send information links out on twitter, gab, facebook, vid.me, live.scene etc, webpage articles, etc. people globally are continuing to be pushed to education and personal investigation, since investigation isn't being provided by the control powers. Globally more people are investigating out of fear of repercussion of global media censorship and war with Russia.

They can't investigate themselves, because they've got to much dirt on each other, and the parties in question can't stay silent or smear Assange or wiki, or investigate any of it. So they try to convince people that CIA or FBI said it was Russia, without providing exact investigation details.
But, people already know the shadow government CIA, military etc has dirty levels. (project flicker which is specific to WikiLeaks and PG.)

It's a perfect storm for whistle blowers to come forward!

It's the perfect trifecta storm for the truth to emerge and lies exposed!

They knew it was beyond the scope of silence, they had to fight. Their hope now is to use it to crack down globally and maintain control by expanding it outward in what Bush Sr described as the New World Order.

But, if they do this it won't be a second American Revolution, it'll be more like a global version of the French Revolution. WikiLeaks has shown that Hackers can shut down all their electronic technology, which they would use to keep people in line, and turn it back on them.
Failing the Russian war, or any other war, they'll force a financial crash as a diversion instead of cleaning up the government mess.
They don't want to clean up the mess.... that's the spiralling nature of the entropy of evil, and it's been spiralling in this direction since prior to ww1.

I think that their last resorts are in fact the man-made viruses... which is why this shite in its entirety has to be exposed and cleaned up by whistle-blowers and global education. People need to really wake up and recognize that this shit is real, it's not a conspiracy, they've been listening to the likes of Bush SR, who told them about a New World Order and still the public wouldn't believe it was true.... instead they carried on with their many escape addictions and traumas, while being programmed to patriotically support the government leaders, believing they were being taken care of. The people couldn't/can't identify that this ISN'T being well taken care of.

This global goal that Bush Sr spoke of is the direction they're trying to steer the ship, and silence won't get them there.

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It isn't about "Clinton and Obama". Shrillery and Obongo are just employees. Their boss, George Soros, and his boss, Baron de Rothschild, have suffered a set back. They are in full panic mode to show their loyalty to Satan. Nothing else matters to them now.

It is a dangerous time because they would gladly start WWIII if they think it will help their boss' cause. All the rest is just eyewash and fluff. They don't care about any of it.

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I think they're all being manipulated

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whooa source on the obamacare thing?

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Trump promised to repeal it. I hope so, it's a complete and total failure for anyone that isn't indigent. All it did was take from one group and give more to another.

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It helps to know how they are operating behind the scenes. I think the storm is unstoppable now though!

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I really think if nothing is done in X amount of time after DJT takes office, we should protest ourselves. THEY CANNOT IGNORE US WE ARE GOING TO TAKE THESE PEDO BASTARDS DOWN!!

IDEA: This is an excerpt of what the public in Belgium was forced to do after their government basically turned a blind eye like what ours is doing now. I will add the link at the bottom but I really think we should begin to organize something. The article is long but worth the read as Im sure it is still connected to the current pedo crap.. the article mentions US connections. This took place in the 80's and 90's.

"With the families of Dutroux's victims calling for a general strike, men and women all across the country walked away from their jobs in protest as railway workers and bus drivers shut down public transportation, bringing some cities to a virtual standstill. The Telegraph reported that: “In Liege, firemen turned their hoses on the city’s court building” to symbolize the massive clean-up that was in order.

On October 20, 350,000 citizens of the tiny nation took to the streets of Brussels dressed all in white, demanding the reform of a system so corrupt that it would protect the abusers, rapists, torturers, and killers of children. The political fallout from the case would ultimately bring about the resignation of Belgium's State Police Chief, Interior Minister, and Justice Minister – likely sacrificial lambs tossed to the outraged masses to avoid what could easily have exploded into a full-scale insurrection by the people, particularly after police ‘incompetence’ allowed Dutroux to escape and remain at large for a brief time in April of 1998."

http://www.whale.to/b/pedophocracy.html#The_Pedophocracy,_Part_I:__From_Brussels I pulled a few paragraphs here : https://voat.co/v/pizzagatewhatever/1529847

Lets get these bastards.

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now try convincing anyone in the states to leave their job for a day. I've been advocating this for a while. but, people hide behind excuses like bills, kids, etc. sadly they don't realize how much change can come from walkouts done en mass. i bet if we collectively as a nation, stopped buying or using items for a day, the world would notice. if we said fuck inflation, inflation would go down since nobody would buy anything.

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Starve the machine, buy locally grown food, or here's a novel thought grow it yourselves.... Barter, keep your purchases of shit you don't need from companies the planet does't need to a minimum, and embrace your community. Keep the internet, it is more important than most realize, but get off Facebook Google etc.

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I read this account in Belgium. I am in 100% agreement with you. We should protest. However, I don't think we are going to be disappointed. KimDotcom said the day after Trump is inaugurated there was going to be the biggest release yet. (My own words) Wikileaks says something too about 2017 as their pinned tweet.

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Excellent example! I remember seeing the documentary about this and it turned my stomach...350,000 citizens taking to the streets and protesting was a beautiful site, but they were quickly pacified as the powers that be concocted some theory claiming this was all some communist plot used to overthrow there government....this investigation is excellent and you are all doing a great job documenting these crimes. However, too may people are so fucking conditioned and programmed that they will never break their spell and see that this world is not as simple as they thought it was...good luck with your research!

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Yep, we're seeing how the DC "good ol' boys" network actually works. And it's 10x more sinister than just hooking family members up with sweetheart deals and taking bribes from lobbyists.

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makes sense.

biden "hey fam let's git dem chillren!"

"guards, YES THIRR!"

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So much bullshit

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Obvious shill is obvious

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Get a life or something

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HRC, Guistra, Clinton Foundation, Obama, the Secret Service & the DEA were all linked to one city in Colombia - Cartagena. HRC, Guistra, Clinton Foundation through youth outreach initiatives Acceso training center, the SS & DEA through sex crimes some involving minors. - https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1481112

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Trump had suggested other countries investigate the foundation specifically Colombia and Haiti! Great information!

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Two words: Jeff Sessions.

Sessions needs to get in office an open a can of Alabama whoop-*** on some people.

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I doubt everyone in the secret service is a pedo, however this may be one of the methods of "entrapment" if you will to guarantee their absolute loyalty

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It stands to reason that they'd have to move perverts in to provide protection for high-level perverts.

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There was an issue a while back where the secret service was having orgies and hiring prostitues. Pedos and perv protect each other they are specifically hired.

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military mindset

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These cases are from 2012 and September 2016, respectively.

Just giving more context for those that are skimming/ too lazy to click the articles

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