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my article was removed because he said it didnt belong here and clearly it has to do with trafficking....so yes things are being censored

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Please provide a link to your article from the modlog and provide the name of the mod who deleted it.

and clearly it has to do with trafficking

Did you explain how it linked to pizzagate? A human trafficking operation, while terrible, may exist and have nothing to do with what is being investigated here. Did you link it to this stuff?

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This don't sound a lot like censorship to you?

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Shills whine about censorship so that they can post irrelevant shit.

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(no longer a mod) While I feel like some rules are necessary to keep the investigation moving forward and to prevent sliding. Divide, distract, discourage is their motivation. Keep at it I have faith in this community.

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Why would it? I know it's the go-to classic for effortless whining, but I don't see where you get "censorship" out of this the OP at all.

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How is this censorship? Defining the investigation for purposes of an Investigative Sub?

I understand that you are a potential ally, but I see that you have some concerns.