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The symbol is the unicursal Valknut:

"The Valknut is a Germanic/Scandinavian symbol associated with ritualistic human sacrifice to Odin"

"All surviving representations of it (see Hammar’s stone, and the 13th century Heimskringla) in rockwork carvings and later literature see the valknut as an emblem of sacral death, a marking to be placed upon a victim who is soon to be offered to Odin."

Roman historian Tacitus described sacrifices made to Odin, whom he identified as Mercury: "among the gods Mercury [Odin] is the one they principally worship. They regard it as a religious duty to offer to him, on fixed days, human as well as other sacrificial victims."

The symbol has also been adopted by pedophiles, due to its similarity to the Boy Lover symbol:

"For my BL attraction, I don the wiccan triple knot. I know too of GLs who use the Roxy surfer girl heart logo and BLs who use the pagan vaulknot. These are both variations of the GL heart logo and the BL triangle logo but the public will never know the difference."