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Do you know why this good post was deleted ?

Here archive of the post http://archive.is/JAdHZ

There were also good comments about ABDUS SATTAR from user Piscina:

According to Fazlul Karim, the police inspector who led the investigation into the Joypurhat organ-trafficking ring, the network was headed by a local man named Abdus Sattar.


Yunus deserve more attention !


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Just to be clear- you are saying it was deleted because it was a great lead? Does a mod delete a thread? I have been here a bit but not clear how that works. It looks like a great bunch of leads to me. Why was it deleted and who deleted it who can explain?


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I do not know. It says "Deleted by user". I've sent a message to the user, but no reply for now.

But it's a very good lead and it deserves to be in front page !


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Yes, this was an important lead and i was also wondering why it was deleted by the OP.

I posted this to the comments in the original post but here it is again. According to reports, Yunus received $13 MILLION in State Department grants!



Clinton’s aid to Yunus also included 18 grants, contracts and loans awarded to two of his America-based foundations, the Grameen Foundation USA and Grameen America, according to USASpending.gov.

The awards, totaling $13 million, were issued by the U.S. Agency for International Development, the development arm of the State Department, beginning when Clinton became secretary of state. Another $11 million in federal funds went to organizations allied with Yunus.

When asked to explain the Yunus grants and loans, USAID Spokesman Raphael Cook said the agency didn’t have the “manpower” to respond to questions about the transactions.


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Yeah, I wondered too why that submission was deleted. I know it says that the poster deleted it, but why would she delete it so quickly after she'd posted it. Yunus looks really dodgy. The Bangladesh government found that he'd misappropriated funds from the bank he created, Grameen. For some reason, the US government and the mainstream meda got involved to attack the Bangladesh government. He was awarded a Nobel prize after strong lobbying by the US. Abdus Sattar was named as a henchman for Grameen in strong-arming people who had taken loans into selling their organs. These people selling their kidneys are promised amounts which they never received. One of Grameen's logos includes hearts with small hands in them and other pedo symbols like the swirl.


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Someone needs to look into the Bangledash NGO- Center for Mass Education in Science (CMES) in particular the program Adolescent Girls Program (AGP). This was created by Yunus' brother Muhammad Ibrahim and is connected to Yunus. Please, I would but I have no computer skills.


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I'm sure there's something there, but this is the guy that FBI Anon said to be extremely careful about.

I'd take this one seriously. Softer targets are out there, if he's saying be careful.


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Wow this is great work, thanks to you and everyone else who is digging into these unspeakable crimes! God bless!


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This is excellent digging.