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I think these are obsolete now, and I removed the link to them from the sidebar in favor of v/PizzagateMemes to reduce the noise. If anybody thinks these are still important, I'll put the link back.

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Put it back. I had everything in there.

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It's back.

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Post them in the comments.

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I was actually asking for a mirror since sli.mg is down.

Don't have those, sorry.

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sli.mg doesn't work anymore. Can we get an updated version here? I know it's a ton of info, but we really ought to get everything in order and in an easily digestible format (not that this is easy to digest to begin with...) for newcomers who just saw a pizzagate hashtag or something.

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@wecanhelp - any of the JV mods want to research this? (check parent)

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@DANKGHIDORAH I think these have lost most of their significance, the posters certainly have, they were just single-image memes, and the summary would be two months old now as well. A lot has happened in the meantime, Millennial_Falcon's summary sticky is relatively up-to-date and a better reference as a long-format summary. I know it isn't easy to digest, though, but I'm not aware of any particularly user-friendly summaries at the moment. The famous video by RealityCalls has been made private in order to save the channel from a ban, and pizzagate.com has been compromised. If there is some good redpilling material out there, and someone sends it to me, I'm happy to update the sidebar with a "For Newcomers" section with a few very well-selected links.