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Did they actually call the Norway thing fake news? I didn't hear that, I just thought it wasn't reported/reports were deleted. If they called it fake news that would've been extremely dumb given that it's been covered by the MSM in many other countries.

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They didn't call it fake news, they just quietly deleted their articles hoping no one would notice. Also telling is how they are completely ignoring and refuse to report on one of the largest pedo/CP busts in history. They found 150 terabytes of CP.

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150 terabytes = 1/7 of a pedobyte

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150 terabytes

That sort of bulk is intended for mass consumption. What are we told the percentage of pedos in the population is? These numbers don't equate to me.

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Sorry to show my Jewness but Oy flipping vey on a stick. 150 TB's? Crap my pants and call me Hershey's that's a shit ton of CP.

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Came here to ask this same question. I remember they all deleted it super quick, but I never heard a retraction or mention from them about it ever again

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Also, when did Clinton claim the Russians are going to plant CP on her or the CIA?

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It wasn't claimed by Clinton, but the NYTimes did an article about this being a tactic of the Russians: http://archive.is/d5sTj

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I don't care to find it sorry but NYT had an article that Russia was planting CP on people's computers for whatever reason

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I also haven't heard either Clinton claim Russia is going to plant CP. Did I miss that?

Edit: Typo.

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New York Times wrote an article saying that. http://archive.is/d5sTj

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One thing to add. Michael Flynn, one of the presidents cabinet picks tweeted out link to a article about this Clinton/PedoTraffickingRing.... 2nd, i'm reminded of one of the debates where President elect Trump was describing Clinton's cold hearted reaction to a baby being ripped out of the womb and Clinton saying the govt has no right to tell a woman, "she can't kill her baby".... President Trump is not with these people, I don't believe so, Breitbart warned us about Podesta's pedo ring and Bannon was close to Breitbart. Breitbart tried to expose these people, he knew even then in 2011, he knew. President Trump has surrounded himself with men who know.

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Agreed. Trump is in serious danger. He has even supplemented his Secret Service with private security contractors. He will keep them on after inauguration. A smart move considering what happened to JFK http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/12/19/trump-team-blasts-politico-report-on-private-security-complete-nonsense/

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Did you even read the article?

Miller said that Trump’s head of security and body guard Keith Schiller, who was a former New York City policeman and a veteran of the Navy, has been a long-time ally of Trump’s both in business and on the campaign trail.

“Now, obviously, the main duties of protecting the President-elect and soon-to-be president are of course done by the Secret Service who does a fantastic job,” Miller added. “This morning’s story was complete nonsense, just blowing it out of proportion.”

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Trump has an army. If he dies, it will cause a civil war. Our redpilled military will not fight for their side against US citizens. That leaves our side, which is armed to the teeth and has been preparing for this shit for years, against a bunch of commies, college kids, and BLM who are anti gun ownership. It would be a slaughter.

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Great post. I hope everyone is paying attention to Indonesia CIA info.Do your research on CIA Brennan?

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FBI didn't tip off Norway. FBI told Norway, clean up that pedo ring or we'll expose it for you...

It's not like everyone doesn't know what's going on they just need to be pressured to do something, because they'll get away with it as long as no one is making a fuss about raping and eating babies. Sick world we live in.

Off with their heads!

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Hopefully the FBI will do the same here

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The FBI hasn't been effective since the 80s.

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Mods, please flair accuracy: this was never called "fake news," it was simply removed. Accuracy about this kind of thing is important; inaccuracy is a weapon for our opposition. OP, consider removing and resubmitting with an accurate headline.

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Seriously. The whole post is very misleading.

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That was the point.

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Yeah, it looks like there's a significant number of good guys at the FBI, especially at the lower levels. Now, let's not just sit here and wring our hands. What can we DO ABOUT IT?

  1. Keep getting information about these sickos. The FBI is MORE constrained in their investigations than we are.

  2. Consider ways to reach out and find the good guys at the FBI. Using real names will be incredibly difficult for them, so think of ways that knowledge and cooperation can occur without identification.

  3. Stay safe.

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That was the positive thing about the OP, that there ARE good guys in the FBI. I do believe that. Hopefully, more and more will feel safe in coming forward with our new President.

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On 2, semi-anonymous message boards like the Chans seems like a decent middle ground for the good ones to establish credibility. Other than that, there aren't too many safe ways for them to release info without holding press conferences or sending info to WikiLeaks.

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Thanks for the good points.

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Source on Hillary accusing Russia of planting CP?

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This seems to be an extrapolation based on the subject of this NYTImes article: http://archive.is/d5sTj

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yeah, this has been implied... and people are picking up on it... this is all a huge building misdirect.... thing is if you're here on voat yuo wouldn't fall for these tricks... hopefully more and more people " wake up "

also look into the Guiliani Tweet video... that has uncovered a massive lead...

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That hasn't happened yet. It probably will.

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This is so damn big, Hillary's now trying to cover her ass! I guess those darn Russians are going to be blamed for putting child porn on all their computers right? They are scared shitless, and they should be! The good work from the common man will bust this shit wide open! Keep up all the great work, and save the children from these assholes!

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Of course it's always been about the pedo ring.... that's why the #FakeNews meme exploded after the election. It's been a big coverup since then.... none of the fakenews meme has anything to do with taking credibility back which seems like an obvious cover story for the MSM... it's always been about deniable plausibility about the elitist CP ring and Satanic Ritual Abuse b/c they KNEW the only sites that would be reporting on these claims would be the links on the list of that WashPost article.

WashPost never even cited one example of FakeNews... it's all been a Psyop b/c they know people in casual everyday conversations wouldn't have remembered an example anyways, it was a way to get the list ENAMORED in the minds of everyone so if you every approached them in cocktail parties or in private conversation and they asked you for your citation or linked article and you say one of the names on the #FakeNews WashPost list, you'll automatically be labeled a Conspiracy Theorist and be discredited by the mainstream who we are trying to make aware of this tragic issue.

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