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Can I ask you an unrelated question... when you type in the word Baal or molech, do you get a red squiggly underling the words? Certain words have red line's underneath, and then sometimes the rest of the typing from that point on is underlined too.
I'm just curious.


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It's called spell check. Have you never used a computer before?


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I can't tell if he's joking or not, but dam that was funny


[–] Toogi23 ago 

Believe it or not, all walks of life are trying their best to bring information forward. The old, the young and all others of differing skills, some, like myself don't have your skills, but we are willing to learn.

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[–] zzvoat ago 

Assuming you're not just teasing, until about a year ago, it had taken me awhile to figure out that it was a new kind of spell check... a great oneI must say. It's so easy - just right click on the word and spelling choices appear in drop down menu. Who knew. I'm pretty sure I just stumbled upon it one day. Had I thought to ask, like you, I'd have known what to do much earlier. Ha! Of course, there are words that spellcheck doesn't have in it's database so, unless you "add" it manually, the little red squiggly line will be there until you hit submit.

We don't know what we don't know.


[–] whitehand ago