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Sure, those are definitely two aspects.

I'd argue that a lot of folks probably just want to stay up-to-date with the info that other investigators have uncovered; they lurk because it's a source of information, where the research has already been done for them. Regular people, the average person, also may not want to engage themselves for their own well-being. The rabbit hole is not only time consuming but mentally taxing, plus it carries a large stigma with it that society isn't exactly receptive to.

Many of us simply don't have anything to contribute. Investigation is not everyone's strong suit or perhaps they don't know how to convey what they are thinking. Or don't want to be wrong (especially concerning a subject so damning).

And let's be honest... there is a LOT of disinfo on boards like these. Folks unfamiliar with how to mentally sift through all the bullshit might find themselves confused by all of counter-intelligent conduct and conflicting evidence... imagine being brand new to this shit, never been to a shit post hell hole like GLP, trying to truly understand what the fuck is going on. It's a nightmare.