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There is absolutely no reason why anyone should refute what is being asked of you in this thread. Also Yule is accompanied (typically) by Mõdraniht. Mõdraniht requires sacrifice. This is what may be conveyed to people whom may otherwise be skeptical. Yes, pagans exist. There is a HUGE revival of paganism which has taken place alongside the new age movement. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." -Thomas Burke

"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little." -Thomas Burke


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I am personally save satanic rabbit hole until after Christmas. I don't want to keep the unbelievers asleep forever by turning them off instantly.

But I thought of a good opening line that insinuates the significance of the day.

'Today, before the 'darkest night of 2016' is upon us... let's get a little dark.'

We need to start using their in your faceness against them. Subtly.

We'll see.


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Yes, a lot of politicians on all sides of all issues go silent on media during Saturnalia. I supposed they are having themselves some pretty raunchy parties. I used to be jealous of that sort of thing until I learned that they typically involve children in, with for some reason the older they get the younger they are inclined toward.

Personally I tired of the strongly Christian rhetoric that surrounds pizzagate research. It's very off-putting. Christianity is riddled with pedophiles, for one thing. For another, religiosity should have nothing to do with it. We're mainly trying to establish as a fact that our government is full of pedophiles. We should take the same tack as the founders did: establish a clear delineation between church and state, taking into consideration many of the founders were obviously up to something quite outside both christianity and masonic brotherhood back in the 18th.


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It's not that Christianity is riddled with pedophiles, it's the entire fucking world. The UN& NGO's are the ones behind the trafficking. The foundation of the U.N. is Lucis Trust. Formerly known as Lucifer publishing. You don't need to believe in anything, but remember the most powerful in the world believe in fucking Lucifer. Its on their website. I thought Satanism and all these labels took away from the credibility of the investigation but guess what? They sacrifice to Saturn, aka. Moloch aka. El of canaan. The new age wave is all kabbalistic. Apparently there is some truth to <REDACTED> Stop discounting the blatant occult aspect as if they're not trying to acquaint us with something dark. As the conspiracy theorists say, wake the fuck up.


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There is a spiritual war raging out there. In modern history it's probably never been so openly exposed as the events that have started to take place right now.


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Yes, a lot of politicians on all sides of all issues go silent on media during Saturnalia. I supposed they are having themselves some pretty raunchy parties.

adipocere soap has "saturnalia" as one of the names of the soap....

Widow's Walk
Unfortunate Pilgrim
Elf Jism
Brewer's Porridge
Springheeled Jack
Krampus's Revenge


Arrington De Dionyso(CPP Artist) posts a painting tribute to Saturn with him holding a childs head;


Alefantis Pic of Cube of Saturn/Satan;


More Freinds of Comet Ping Pong...these DEMONS are throwing it right in everyones faces;

Krampusnacht DC 2016


"Hidden in Plain Sight"


Alefantis Kill Room Found - The Pajama Factory Same Brick Walls as Instagram Photos - Womans Body was found 2013


"Cheese" = Human flesh, "Pizza" = Child;

"Cheese" is a code word for "Corpse Cheese"

Remember Jeff Smith worked at the Pajama Factory where Adipcere Soap is located?

Jeff Smith AKA WerkinOnMahNightCheese

Adipocere, also known as corpse cheese - The macabre substance coating the torso and parts of the remaining limbs is called adipocere, a fatty, waxy material that sometimes forms from a decomposing body's soft tissues. Adipocere is familiar to investigators — it can make identifying a body and pegging its time of death tricky — but it is foreign to those of us who don't come into regular contact with decomposing bodies.




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Great idea


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Thank you. Definitely still half baked. Will repost a better appeal tomorrow.


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I heartily agree with you, and I am seldom moved to make comments online. When we fail to care for our children we fail as a civilisation. My own view is that failure is not an option. The awareness of the many will overcome the perversions of the few!


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I'm not sure if this has been posted here yet. This is where you can find your representatives by state zip codes. House.gov


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The United States has a systematic problem protecting our most vulnerable citizens that many of us are not aware of. Out of all the advanced statistics that are uploaded to the FBI each month there is one that is shockingly nowhere to be found: Missing Children.

Over 800,000 children in the United States will go missing in 2016(1). Many of them will be returned to their families and guardians, but there is a large number who are never heard from again and are swept under the rug of a judicial system and government that has a history of making these controversies disappear or never even heard of.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) is a private non-profit organization in charge of keeping up with the statistics that will be used by the FBI. Why is a statistic this important monitored by a private organization? The FBI has all the tools, money, and manpower it needs to actively keep track of it themselves. When police departments are uploading the current month’s stats to the FBI databases is it that much harder to add one column in the spreadsheet to keep track of?

I would like to propose to the United States Government that we start to finally hold our Criminal Justice agencies (mainly the FBI) accountable for keeping track of missing children in their own databases that will be open and available to the public. These statistics will be uploaded every month so the public may look for their own answers and possibly assist in finding the child.

The following categories are what I propose the FBI updates each month in a public database for the public to search:

Actively Missing – searchable database explained below

Number of cases that were Kidnappings by family members

Number of cases that were Kidnappings by family members, child returned Number of cases that were Kidnappings by family members, actively missing

Number of cases that were Kidnappings by Strangers

Number of cases that were Kidnappings by Strangers, child returned Number of cases that were Kidnappings by Strangers, actively missing

Total number of missing children younger than 21 for current month and year to date.

In addition to these statistics the FBI will be in charge of keeping an actively missing person’s directory that is viewable by the public. When viewed, the public will be able to go and search by date missing, name, last known location, etc. When you click on a specific case # it will bring the public to a page with the child’s info and any relevant tips that may assist the public in finding the missing child. This is a great alternative to making the parents of the missing child go through setting up a website to try and get publicity to find their children at their own cost.

Why you may ask? Accountability. Someone in the Federal Government has to start explaining to us why so many children go missing but are never returned home. That agency also needs to not be allowed to be a private organization that the public cannot look into. This issue calls and demands for transparency. Putting this in the hands of the Federal government holds them responsible and forces them to answer the questions as to why this systematic issue only seems to be getting worse every year.


A Concerned Citizen


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Did you know Laura Silsby has a large investment in the Amber Alert system, which was founded under NCMEC? (Silsby is the woman whom attempted child trafficking/trafficked children from Haiti)


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"Who are loving this nightmare" ... is that some kind of joke? Please correct that horrific typo.

Makes me want to look extra close at that bill and everything that gets tagged onto it while it's being passed around. Which I urge all of you to do, as well. Sick shit can accumulate on an otherwise lovely bill in practically no time. This whole idea that a Republican-controlled Congress is going to somewhere be Teflon-coated White Knights is bullshit, Republican elites are just as complicit. These people take law school, hold no other skills or reliable businesses at all whatsoever, and we blindly elect them to Congress again and again and citizens wonder why no matter who gets elected the country always gets worse.

Things to look for:

  • money going to places or people that have nothing to do with protecting children

  • money going to places or people where the protection of children has been a total farce

  • et cetera


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Thanks for the catch. That was very bad autocorrect.

Do bills ever pass as is? Can we ask Congress for that too?


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That, I don't know. I do know that my whole life I've heard people bitching about being betrayed by their reps and senators and typically through bills being modified.


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Your spelling mistake points to a darker truth. There is indeed people who 'love this nightmare' that is visited upon so many children. They have to be stopped. Every effort, that even the least of us can make, will help to end this hell on Earth for our most innocent.


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The one time I actually agree with using the for the kids arguement!


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We have plenty of laws already. How about finding a way to force the government to investigate and prosecute pedophile rings or pedo organized crime?

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