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You do make a good point. I didn't want this to be too obtrusive though (and the opening paragraph on the site explains a lot - .

So for anyone who want's to know more before clicking:

Locked Post is a free, anonymous, uncensorable, decentralised and eternal post board. All posts are stored in the unmodifiable Bitcoin Blockchain along with a post verification sequence number (used to easily verify that our web-site displays the same complete data as within the Bitcoin Blockchain). This is relevant to causes such as this, as it provides a platform (backed by millions of millions of dollars) for free-speech in these unstable times.


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cool make a post saying that you found what you think to be a good alternative to voat. And that when it comes time to migrate because it probly will this is the place that you think will be the best for it. Start up pizzagateover there now with summaries and such and you'll have a small crowd. Otherwise this post is not related to pizzagate in the slightest and is just a random link with a clickbait title. edit: there is also a meta concern thread if you would like to post in there.


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Thanks for your response! I will definitely do this!