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Haha, no. If your account is old enough it is invincible.

this is incorrect


[–] bikergang_accountant 2 points 2 points (+4|-2) ago  (edited ago)

Ok guy with 3 days on voat. I'm sure you know more about voat than me.

Very old submissions cannot be downvoted. This means that for my comparatively few submissions that are available to be downvoted they would need hundreds of accounts to counter the year of upvotes I've had on this account.

But if we put in downvote rations then they would need even more accounts because they would want to use their accounts to downvote other people and would have none left for me. That is more than 100 accounts would need to be managed for them to do what they do now.

Right now what they are able to do to you can be done with 8 accounts. They just downvote everything you have. If you make 25 posts or comments they can knock you down 200, and they can repeat for as many users as they like.

200 against me would do nothing. If I post more 400 would be nothing. They could keep it up and then it would be a problem. They could take me out on CCP in 10 weeks if they worked it straight. But some simple downvote restrictions of some kind would stop them dead. It would stop them dead on your issue as well.


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listen buttmunch, i am smarter than you.